Travel agents


Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how one becomes a travel agent?


Can’t help you any but i’m interested in the info as well, it would be a FUN job. although I think I’d get jealous planning trips that I dont get to go on lol.


Check with your local community college. Many offer travel agent courses.


google it. there’s a lot of info out there. Why not ask your local agent? Not the employee agent, the boss of the agency :wink:

Or as Peppertink!!


Have a friend that went to school to become a travel agent…couldn’t find a job…she’s a teacher now. There’s a place in Brunswick that always advertises on how to become your own travel agent…free seminars at the rec center…I’ll let you know when I hear about it again…Aren’t we already travel agents? At least when it comes to Disney and all of our friends and co workers


Don’t do it! Very cut-throat business these days. My sis-in-law got layed off about 3 months ago after doing it for 7 years…she was the baby at the office and seniority took precedence. She knows many others in the same boat and now none of them can find jobs and have ventured down other career paths.


So true, with all of the travel websites and anyone able to get the “deals” travel agents are becoming dinosaurs. Saying that check with local colleges if you really want to go through with it and good luck.