Travel Channel 3/5/2010


They are having Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney Resorts and Samantha Brown’s Disney Favorites and Disney on a Dime! Check your local times. Happy viewing.


thank you…will dvr it


I need to get one of those or TIVO or something. I hate the fact that I have to consider staying stuck to the TV.


Thanks so much for posting. I think I have seen them all but I have set them to tape. I love watching them again. I looked for more after seeing this and found another one. The Fine Living channel has a show called Disney’s Surprise Vacations on 3/6/10 I never seen this one but I believe they give a trip to a deserving family.


in san diego,we get the opportunity to have ATT UVERSE…it is a very good service,internet is 18-1.5mb’ssignal very good and the dvr is fairly simple,and the replay feature is wonderful…to think when i was younger just getting a good black and white signal was a great achievement


Eh… Where’s my deserving trip :blink:

I will def be watching that!.. Again :biggrin:


I wonder if they are doing all Disney stuff on March 5th in relation to Alice in Wonderland opening that day.


I’ve got the DVR set to record. Thanks for the tip, Kidani!


Awesome !!! Thanks:pirate:


Yay! Thank you! Going to set my DVR up so we have something fun to watch this weekend.:happy:


Thanks! Had the on DVR forgot to protect them and they were lost. This time we know better.


No problem. I watch them over and over again too.:blush:
I have a crappy cable company and Fine Living Channel is not a basic channel so I don’t see those shows anymore. I want to go back to my old provider!:pirate:


Delmarjohn, can you please send me a link so that I can read up on what you just posted? I feel like huh, I am so slow with technology.:laugh:


[QUOTE=FireAngel;1020939]Eh… Where’s my deserving trip :blink:


Me first, pushing an shoving :laugh::laugh:


I did think that might be why.


Anytime, us MB’sers have to look out for each other.


all good, enjoy


I need to get one and soon!


Heavens to Mercatroids!:eek:


Thank you so much for posting this! My boyfriend and I are going to Disney on Sunday for Spring Break and a friday night filled with Disney entertainment about where we are going is just what I need!!!