Travel Channel: WDW Christmas


I’m watching the special show on the Travel Channel: Walt Disney World Holidays!

They’re about to showcase MVMCP!

Yowza! :wub:


I’m watching it too as we speak Ddoll. Channel 33 on good old Cox Cable! Actually it was on over the weekend and I tivo’ed it, but it’s on now so I’m watching it again.


I watch it everytime it’s on. I love that show. It so makes me want to be there right now !!


OMG! I missed it. I’m gonna have to go check the guide and see when it comes on again so I can DVR it… Do any of you know when it shows again?


DisneyHog6 , here is a link for you. has a complete listing of any disney related television for about a month’s time. It’s great.


Wow - that’s a great link!! I put it in my favorites! Thanks!!!


Your welcome. It’s been in mine for months !!!


Great link. Thank you SO much!!!


What a great website!! Thank you!


I put it in my favorites, too! AWESOME!!!


What a great show! It’s nice to finally have the travel channel.


great site thanks.


I seen the special last week. It was wonderful and had me thinking of taking a trip during the Christmas season. I almost cried during the whole show, my sons thought I was being sappy old mom, lol


Is that the one with Samantha Brown? If so, I saw it the other night. I love all her shows - those and the $40 a Day that Rachel Ray does on the Food Network.


Yes, it was the one with Samantha Brown. I also saw her do a show on the Grand Floridian which was excellent.

As for Rachel Ray, all I can say is :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Wish we could see the Wilderness Lodge special! It’s tomorrow at 11 AM, alas. And no way to tape it. VCR lost its recording function years ago, I think.


A great site! Thanks!
I’ll never miss another show again :happy: !!