Travel Channel WDW Special


I was just browsing a the TV listing for this afternoon because I’m being a lazy college student today. It looks like the travel channel is airing an old special called “Walt Disney Resort: Behind the Scenes.” I’m sure many of you have already seen it because it first aired in 2002. It is on at noon here in Denver and the Travel Channel Web site says that it’s on at 2 pm eastern time. It’s also going to re-air the 21st, 22nd (twice) and April 4th and 5th.

Here’s the Link to the schedule - hope it works!

So if you haven’t caught this special in the last four years or want to rewatch it, I hope this helps! Have a great Saturday! :mickey:


Thanks! I’m also having a lazy day and a WDW show fits in perfectly.


I’m DVR-ing it along with the Disney Cruise Line show after it!


I’m DVR-ing it along with the Disney Cruise Line show after it!

Nice, I didn’t even look to see what was on next!


Excellent! Now I have something to watch while I clean the house.

Thanks rosebud :mickey:


HA! You know you won’t get much house cleaning done. You’ll stop, sit down and watch. Admit it. :tongue:


I love this show! I wasn’t going to TiVo it but my wish list got it and I’m so glad it did.


Thanks rosebud

you are more than welcome!

I can’t wait untill it’s on again or until I get to visit


Don’t those shows just make you want to go back soooooooooo bad???


Catfish, did you not just come back today? How was it? Do tell. There’s some space for a Trip report left on the trip report forum :biggrin:


I bet I’ve seen it, but I’ll definitely have to watch it tomorrow night.


Yes Dopey, I did as a matter of fact. It was a whirlwind weekend, and we had a blast. Not sure there’s enough to write a whole TR about tho!