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I need some expert advice. Any help would be appreciated! :huh: I am sure some awesome MB’er has covered this before but the keywords I searched for didn’t give me a thing to go on.

We have a few adr’s at resorts and would just like to know the best route to get there from the park we will be at, i.e bus, ferry, monorail or a combination???

Okay so, these are on different days. . .

  • Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness for Mickeys BYBB (or should we just go check out fort wilderness instead of Magic Kingdom? It is our first night there so I didn’t plan what we would do until an hour before the show . . .:eek:)
  • Magic Kingdom to DTD for Planet Hollywood
  • Magic Kingdom to Contemporary Resort for Chef Mickeys - Monorail (?)
  • ASMovies to Beach Club Resort - BUS ( I am pretty sure this is our only option from there to anywhere, unless we rent a car . . . is that true?)
  • Beach Club to Epcot
  • Polynesian to MK (I think Magic Kingdom is the nearest park . . . so I chose to go back there)

I am getting my itinerary together and would like to know what transportation to add . . . I am starting to think I need professional help . . . Not that kind of help! :laugh:


Try this link… just type in from here to there… this link is awesome!

OLP: Transportation Wizard – Our Laughing Place home of OLPTravel


If you take the boat form MK to FW you are really close to the place where the BBQ is held.

Take the monorail to CR then a bus to Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island.

Bus to MK then walk or take the monorail to CR.

I would take a cab if you are going for breakfast, if are going to be in a park then take a bus to BC.

Walk, it’s about a 5 minute walk.



THANK YOU SO MUCH! WOW! I really appreciate it, I knew an awesome MB’er had the 4-1-1!

Thanks again.:happy:


Thank you! I didn’t know it was that close a walk from Beach Club to Epcot.

SO how much does a cab run? Need to add to the budget . . .

Thanks again!:happy:


The last time we took a cab from one resort to another it was under $20 with tip. It was much easier than trying to get to CR before 7:30 using Disney buses.


WOW DT you rock! That was VERY impressive! :heart: I know who to ask if I need directions around WDW! :happy:

As for something to do while you wait for your dinner show at FW . . . when we were there, there was a petting zoo . . . with Cinderella’s horses. A really big store called the Trading Post and we walked by the lake and watched the boats too!

Enjoy your trip! :happy: