Travel Insurance and DVC trips


I want to book travel insurance for our DL trip in June and DEFINATELY our WDW trip in August. I use Travel Guard all the time BUT it was easy b/c you knew the exact cash value of your vacation.

How do you figure this when you are using DVC points?!?

Would I just use Disney’s rates per night to estimate the “cash value” of our trip. For instance, let’s randomly say a standard room at the BWV was $275./night during the season were going. Would I just say that portion of our trip is $1,925. (7 nights at $275)??? Then add our tickets, the dining plan, plane tickets, etc?

I am SO confused about this!!!


Wish, we use travel gaurd all the time for our DVC stays. For this trip, we are using 55 points, and we were charged the “minimum” charge of $29. When we stayed at WLV we used 123 points for each room and it cost about $50 for each rooms insurance. I believe they only insure the “points” portion of your trip. you may have to have a separate policy for all the other items…not sure tho…

Call them at 1-866-690-6858 refer to ID#007004


I am planning on going to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort July 29 to Aug. 5th, 2006. With all of the hurricane action the past couple of years, you can bet I will be insuring my DVC points! :eek:


I’ve never thought about travel insurance for Disney trips. Does it cover health issues?