Travel insurance?


I just got our first DVC reservation in the mail WOOHOO!!

My question is–How many of you buy the Travel Guard protection plan for DVC members?

We bought travel insurance for the first time for our Christmas trip because I was worried weather would be an issue for us. Other than that we’ve never bought any type of travel protection and haven’t worried about it but mostly because we knew Disney was great to work with and we could cancel up to 5 days out.

Is is worth the money to get this?


We buy it every time! Thankfully we’ve never had to use it! From what I understand they will pay you $5 per point if your vacation has to cancel for a covered reason.


I think we would buy it for “hurricane” season trips. We didn’t buy it for our late nov/dec trip, and I don’t think we will get it for our April trip either. But any trips around sept/oct we would.


We’ve never purchased it and never felt the need.


We always buy it, but thankfully we haven’t had to use it. We don’t buy it in fear of the weather or problems along the way to WDW, it’s more because we have an elderly grandmother 1200 miles away in another direction. In the event we would have to get to her quickly & need to cancel a vacation is basically the only reason we purchase it. Never know what life is going to throw your way and for $20-$30, it’s well worth the peace of mind IMO.