Travel to/from Port Canaveral


Greetings. I am curious how families travel to and from the port when they do not use Disney transportation. Having cruised on another line before, I don’t expect there to be parking available. And I recall reading somewhere that a taxi from MCO could be upwards of $100. Are there rental car companies nearby?

In our case, we will have a rental car as we will be visiting Disneyworld and staying off-site prior to the cruise.

For those who have done it, what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.


We have never had trouble parking at the cruise terminal in Port Canaveral. It costs around $10-15 a day. Of course, we always drive there (no car rental), so I’m not sure if we’d do the same if we had to rent a car…

I’ve heard that you can get free parking at the Radisson for the week if you stay there one night. There were some people on my last cruise that did that. They weren’t too pleased with the Radisson, though.

Are you going to WDW first? You can book a shuttle through Mears which will take you from Disney Resorts or Orlando International Airport. I’m not sure how much it costs, but I’m thinking it wasn’t cheap… maybe around $75. I’ve never done it, but I know others who have.

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Oh! There is parking on-site? This is excellent news. That will work for us. Thanks so much!

I’ll also take a look in to the MEARS shuttle.

Thanks again.


Check out Quicksilver - a sponsor here w/link on home page. There town car/van and limo service is a very reasonable option especially compaired to transfers for a family. Plus much less hastle.

I’ve used them many times and highly recommend them.

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[QUOTE=CianaDoll;1071392]Oh! There is parking on-site? This is excellent news. That will work for us. Thanks so much!

I’ll also take a look in to the MEARS shuttle.

Thanks again.[/QUOTE]

Yes, they have a big parking garage. When you pull up to the drop-off area in the terminal, guys will rush to your car to help unload your bags, and they will try to valet you, but you can also choose to park yourself if you wish.


I cruised out out PC last year, we rented a car FROM the port (we flew in) so we took the rental car shuttle to the rental location then went to DW. After our 1 day (boo! but Yay) we drove to the airport and dropped the car off. Worked out great! Actually our 1 day was more like 9 hours, but I was there so I was happy :blush:


They do have parking. The shuttle is or was 70 per person. Not sure if it’s free if you stay at the resort first. I normally go to the cruise or the park but this time we will go to WDW first and then the cruise so I will see if there is a diff in fees this year. Have fun on the Dream.


We have used Disney transportation to the port but prefer Quicksilver - which we will be using to get to the Dream in 4 days!!!


Cool! Have fun. I cannot wait to be able to say “4 days!!!”


We, too LOVE Quicksilver. Have used them for many years. We used a different towncar company previous to Quicksilver, but they “forgot” to pick us up once. Went with Quicksilver the next time and have Never been disappointed. The drivers are always friendly and on time! We are a family of four heading for a Disney cruise (our first!) and we are using Quicksilver for our airport/port transfers (also it is less money than the cruise ship bus…which is around $70 per person).
Wishing you a magical vacation!


we used tiffany towncar…I believe from mco to cruise ship and cruise ship to WDW was about 160.00…I could be wrongit was almost 2 years ago…I belive it was more expensive than dsisney shuttle …but it was more personal…and probably a little quicker


We plan to drive and pay for parking. How much is valet? That’s cool they have a garage. We went on a non-disney cruise once out of Jacksonville and parked in a huge lot. When are you going? Us - Aug 12-16. Only planning Blizzard Beach before the cruise, hubby just don’t have the vacation days saved…heard it takes 1 1/2 hours to port from disney property?


I’ve too heard it is at least an hour drive from MCO. We’re headed to Orlando a couple days early and to the park for one day. My little one chose Epcot. He loves Soarin’ so much. Our cruise dates are Aug 28 - Sept 1.