I know everyone on this site loves to book their own travel. However, if you would like to kick back and have someone else do it let me know cause my wife is now a travel agent and she would love to help you out. Just let her know where you want to go and your budget and she will fit you into the best vacation possible. Also we do live in the Orlando area so we do know a lot about traveling to the Disney parks and have stayed at many of the resorts. If you are interested in some info message, email my at, or simply call me at 702-340-4153

Thank you all


For ourselves we just books 2 days in Anaheim to check out the diamond celebration and my wife found us a really good bundle for hotel and rental car and the beautiful Hilton anaheim which is across the street from Disneyland for less then staying on property and less the holiday inn that is on the opposite corner. Also all this is happening next week so great last minute prices.

Again let my wife do the leg work for you so all you have to do it figure out what you would like to do when you are on vacation

Message me, email or call me at 702-340-4153


There is some great rates during the free dining weeks of 2015. Let my wife set up your entire package deal while you sit back with your feet up