Traveling from MGM to FW


I was just looking at “our laughing place” travel thing and it says you have to go from MGM to WL and then transfer to FW. There is no direct from MGM to FW? Anybody know this for sure?


For MGM, WL and FW share a bus. You stop at the WL first…that’s what they mean.


Thanks Dana. The transportion thing has a symbol that means a transfer is needed. I thought I would have to go WL, get off, and wait for another bus to FW. I can deal with sitting on a bus for an extra stop.


I take a bus to MK and then a nice boat ride to FW.


That would be my first choice, but we have an ADR for 8:40 and MGM opens early that day. So I’m guessing I could catch a bus to MGM about 7:30 ish, but the buses from POP for MK wouldn’t run till 8 or so.

Or maybe I could just try to move the ADR a little later. We will have our DGD overnight. So our plan is to eat breakfast at trails end, go to the petting zoo and a pony ride.


When I stayed at the WL, that was the way it worked. Please do call and make sure that is still the case. I stayed there in 2002. If you have to transfer, use the boat from WL to FW…


No! Disney Transport starts running buses to MK from ALL resorts by 7:30 on non-EMH mornings because of the various pre opening breakfasts in the park. It’s probable that they start running between 7 and 7:15. Not sure when the boats start their service. And here’s a warning about early return service to resorts from MGM, I’ve had the experience that in the mornings, DT is more concerned with getting guests to the parks and the buses are very dynamically dispatched during this time. I have had to wait a long time to get out of MGM and on to my breakfast resort on EMH mornings.