Traveling from Sanford airport


We just had Allegiant Air come to our airport and they are offering $89 each way to Orlando/Sanford airport. What a deal! Until I found out a little about the cost of getting to Disney from that airport.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

We save about $75 dollars per airline ticket but then I found it was $200 just for transfers - and there is only 3 of us traveling this time. So, unless I can cut the savings, we’ll fly into MCO.


Check Quicksilver. They have a link on the home page.


Thanks, I did check Quicksilver and that is around $200. . .probably going to fly into MCO and take disney’s Magical Express. We used ME last visit from the hotel to the airport (we used a van service (9 of us on this vacation) so that we could stop at the store.

This next trip is only 5 days, so won’t stop at the store.


That is a little scary-the fact that it essentially costs less to get from Maine to Orlando, than it takes to get from the airport to WDW. :eek:
I, for one, didn’t even realize Orlando had another airport.:confused:


Well, if you put 200 people in a big van… :laugh:

BUNCH of airports all around area. There are actually 3 Orlando airports. Plus one in Kissimmee. Orlando Executive and Kissimmee are general aviation airports.


Great News (for me anyway:blush: ) Last week, American airlines discontinued flights from our airport and Allegiant air came in. When I checked Delta yesterday, Delta had either dropped their price or added a jet service flight that stops in Atlanta and then onto Orlando for $218 pp plus tax/fees, so we booked. This is a great deal.

Prior, my choice was Allegiant Air or Delta on a 19 passenger plane into Logan Airport in Boston in the dead of winter (scary).

So, WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY - ITS OFFICIAL – CAUSE WE’VE BOOKED THE FLIGHT - NO TURNING BACK NOW! (but the 2008 rates won’t be out for a while, CM said probably within 30 - 60 days)