Traveling the World while pregnant?


Well we blast off in less than 72 hours. Any ladies have any last minute tips or experiences they wish to share of enjoying the world while pregnant. I have stocked up on powerade zero and water for hydration. I will be 32 weeks, but besides a few sciatic nerve issues my pregnancy has been awesome. Any final helpful hints would be much appreciated.


2 years ago when I was pregnant the only problem I had was one night leaving Epcot on the monorail. The monorail was packed and the jerk loader tried to put more people in our car. Some people fell and I was lucky t get out of the car before the doors closed. People were laying on top of each other. My husband could not get out of the car because we got separated. My mom was also stuck in a corner but my dad got out with me. That cm wished he never met my father because he tore him a new you know what. When the monorail emptied at the ticket center people went to complain about how many people were in that car and 3 people needed first aid. That cm just kept adding people in and the last few he pushed them and that’s how I wiggled out. Make sure you get a seat on the monorail and watch the crowd.


Just rest as much as you can. I have been in July- when I was 5 months pregnant. I have never slept harder in my life. And drink a ton… even if you don’t think you need it- you do. Have fun- if you have to wait on a bench for someone else to ride, you may have the most entertainment. Keep you eyes peeled- people are interesting.


I have been twice while the summer.getbout of the a lot drink lots and ice cream never


I know of several places in MK to rest in the AC. Besides voyage of the little Mermaid is there any other sit down AC things to do at HS?

Also thank you to the ladies who have replied so far.


in HS- the Muppets, inside the Animation studios is a great place to rest inside for a while. Over by the backlot tour, there is an outdoor restaurant. It is not inside, but it has huge fans that will cool you off if you need somewhere to sit. Also, the writer’s stop has huge comfy chairs inside, like bookstore if you need somewhere really comfortable to sit inside.
The park I would worry about most is AK… GO early and leave early. there is a great place there down by Kali River Rapids- keep going past the entrance to it, and on the left there is an outdoor restaurant with huge fans, and shade. We sat there while people were riding Kali, and we were refreshed when it was time to go… That park is huge, hot and not very shady- but fun… and I could ride the safari (but I was 5 months,not 37 weeks). Ask away if there are more questions. :wink:


I just got back this morning from WDW. I am a Florida girl and I can tell you we skipped doing a park today and just came home due to the heat. It was hotter than I think it ever has been!! Non stop sweating and trying to find the tiny spots of shade. Our clothes were soaked with sweat and I just emptied the suitcase to wash them- OMG do they smell!!

Drink and gazillion ounces of water!!! Remember to stop and rest.


We have a case of water and powerade zero. So hydration check. Thank you guys for the tips. 6 hours til blast off.


Have a great trip…


My only tip? When I did Disneyland while pregnant, I developed a new appreciation for the detail in the lines… since it was the only part of most of the rides I was able to enjoy!

Have fun!