Traveling to WDW while pregant


My friend and I ( with our husbands) are leaving for WDW this Friday. We had planned the trip back in April and she has recently found out she is pregant. She is about four weeks, does anyone have any advice for her I can past along? Restrictions, Limitations???

She would welcome any advice, she is very nervous about the trip now.


She should avoid all simulators, rollercoasters and anything that WDW reccomends that pregant women avoid. There are warnings for these rides before you get into the queue. Remind her to take a rest if she feels tired and to not to over do it. Drink water, drink water and drink water. She and you all will have a great time. Just don’t commando it…relax and enjoy!


Thanks for the advice.


She is at a very good time frame to go while pegnant. She should not ride any rides that Disney recommds that she shoudln’t like Dana said and probably the hardest part for her will be the morning sickness and fatigue. She should eat something about every 2 -3 hours and keep hydrated. Bring with her the foods that seem to ease any morning sickness and rest as much as possible since fatigue seems to be a huge issue for most pregnant woman during their first trimester, otherwise… Enjoy her time before she has others to worry about outside of the womb. Although they make life 100 times better, they tend to take away the carefreeness of it! I wouldn’t have it any other way though!


I was about 5 months pregnant when we went in May. Like NokeyNose and Dana said, avoid the rides that say pregnant women can not ride. My doctor did say most things were fine, but I was further along. Pooh and rides like that tend to be fine. None of the big “thrill” rides.

Biggest issue she will have is fatigue and morning sickness. Drink plenty of water. 4 weeks is pretty early though and you are not always noticing some of the symptoms at that point. Have fun and take it easy.


Thank you all so much for your words a widsom. I’ll pass it along.


Just tell your friend that she needs to inform her husband she needs more shopping money so she can shop while he rides the rides she can’t!:laugh: :laugh:

Don’t worry there is plenty to do other than rides in Disney!


She has a good head start, since she already knows she is pregnant and can go prepared!

I didn’t know yet when I was 4 weeks pregnant, and I was at Knott’s riding Xcelerator repeatedly with my little sister. :pinch: Naturally I wouldn’t have been, had I known, but I didn’t find out until about 2 days AFTER the Knott’s trip.

I second everything that everyone else said…keeping hydrated and resting when necessary are going to be the 2 most important things she can do!

There is a lot she can still enjoy…all sorts of shows and rides that won’t harm her or the baby in any way. Just tell her to use her best discretion, and I know you guys will have a blast! :happy:


She should be fine. Please tell her not to worry. She should just make sure she rests plenty, drinks lots of water and listens to her body. I have done WDW pregnant, actually VERY pregnant(30 weeks or so) and it will be much easier now than it would be then. I still had a blast, even with my huge belly and chasing two other kids. Tell her to just think and imagine how much more it will mean to her to see her little one’s eyes when he or she enters MK for the first time!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Plan to ride Peter Pan a lot. :happy:


All great advice!!


For morning sickness, I would suggest ginger (you can get ginger tablets to suck on at a health food store) - they are great! Also, i used wristbands (I think they are called seabands) that I got at the drugstore (cvs here) - they have these plastic things that you position on your inner wrist, and it really helped with nausea! Have fuN!


I was down there 2 times while i was pregnant last year…once when i was 5 months and the other is when i was 8 months. I took the chance when i was 8 months and i was kinda nervous but i went anyway. I was fine…both times i didnt go on the crazier rides…i went on the slower ones. Now im dying to go down in October and my baby will be 7 months now.:mickey:


I’ve gone to WDW pregnant with BOTH. However, each was a different trip:

1 - 7 months pregnant. In August. I was MISERABLE. I would never go this late in the game again.

2 - 4 months pregnant. In December. It was GREAT! I went on EVERYTHING except for the coasters and ToT. I did go on Splash, though. :blush:

I would tell your friend not to worry…there is SO MUCH she will be able to do there!!!


I did too, before we left DL. :tongue: :blush: Several times, actually. But I braced myself on the big drop “just in case” so I didn’t hit my belly or anything. Not that there’s anything to hit my belly on, really. :laugh: I think the front of the log would more likely hit me right in the chest! :blow:


Since I didn’t really look pregnant yet, I didn’t really FEEL pregnant yet, either. And I SO wanted to go on ToT!!! But DH wouldn’t let me. I begged…and he was adamant against it. :crying: He was probably right, though. :happy:


I’m reading this post too late to pass this along to the original poster, but I wanted to chime in in case anyone else is headed to WDW while pregnant.

We went for Memorial Day 2003 when my wife was at the beginning of her second trimester with our twin daughters. Her doctor told her to make sure to drink plenty of beverages. She drank alot of milk and fruit juices, but apparently those drinks don’t take the place of water.

Long story short, when we returned she was found to be dehydrated and her cervix was prematurely softening so she had to go on modified bedrest for the duration.

Moral of the story, especially if you’re from up north like us, you probably won’t realize how much the heat dehydrates you (especially the heat we just experienced down there last week).

Please, please please, just carry a water bottle at all times and sip as you go.


I agree with absolutely everything everyone else had to say. Rest, keep hydrated, and read the warnings on all rides. The only exception I would think about allowing for rides is the Kilamanjaro Safari. I’m pretty sure this has a warning, but it is really pretty tame. Just a bumpy jeep ride. AK wasn’t yet opened when I went pregnant, but I’m still pretty sure this one ride would be OK.