Traveling with a digital camera


I have a Nikon digital slr camera. I am taking it to Disney with me in a month. I am a converted film lover. This is the first time I have traveled with digital. Do I have to worry about my camera and camera cards going through the metal detector? Maybe I am paranoid but can’t the metal detector like demagnatize the cards or something else real bad?:confused:


I’m no camera expert. I can’t even tell you what type I have…but I’ve never had any problem with my camera. I used the same card for about 2 yrs, so that was put thru the xrays about 8 - 10 times and nothing happened.


I appreciate the info. Thanks :happy:


We always bring our camera’s through and never had a problem.


Yaay! I am feeling more and more comfortable. Thanks guys.


I travel with both my laptop and camcorder in my laptop case all the time. I have never had to take it out.


Same here … no issues at all.:smile:


Digital cameras survive the security system very well. I would suggest taking memory cards out of the camera and putting them in a clear plastic bag with the rest of your stuff, though. They’re no problem with the xray machines but I’ve seen security folks open cameras and remove them and put them in the item tray. It was pretty random, though. They didn’t remove ours.


We have never had trouble with the digital camera going through security. The lap top comes out of the case but the camera even stays in the case. No problems with the memory cards.


We have never had an issue either. We have never had to take the camera or memory cards out of the bag, they stay right in their case safe and sound!


Digital camera and several memory cards have been through many airports and have never had a problem with them in carry on luggage. I wouldn’t send it in checked baggage, not because of the x-rays but because of sticky fingers.


Oh it is most definitely carry on. So worry not on that. :happy:


No problems here either and they have been through metal detectors too many times.