Traveling with a Toddler


We’re thinking about going down to WDW with our 1 year old in early May. It’ll be his first trip AND his first airplane ride. Any tips or advice in general??

What about the plane ride–buy him a seat (and take his car seat along) or lap it? My gut says to buy him a seat. Thoughts?

Which moderate would be good to stay at with a toddler? We have stayed at CSR and POR, and can’t decide between CBR and POFQ (we’d like to try something different).

Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. It’s going to be an interesting trip–our first time at the world with a child of our own!!



For a moderate with a toddler, I suggest POFQ. The reason is the resort is very small and every room is close to the center of things. There won’t be a ton of walking to get to and from the bus area like there would be at the other moderates. As for a plane ticket, it would depend on how long the plane ride is. If it’s over 2 hours, getting him a seat might not be a bad idea. That way he has his own space and won’t be forced to lap it the entire plane ride. It would also depend on how he does with sitting still on your lap. If you think he would be entertained and ok for the length of time, then save the money. Only you know what would be best for your family. Go with your gut.


We’ve been taking our little guy since he was one.
I did the whole get him a seat and brought the carseat on the plane. Big mistake. There really is so little room.
You could save even more money if you can handle him/her on your lap for a while.

If you are concerned about safety check out the link below for this childs lap/safety harness.


Good point!!

He’s iffy with sitting on my lap. There’s still a little time, so I’ll see how things go. Thanks for all of the advice–I’m a first time mom so sometimes I still doubt going with my gut. :mellow:


Wow, that’s very cool! Thanks!! :smile:


I agree with Dana about POFQ. We stayed there 2 years ago with our 2 yo & 5 yo DS’s. We’ve just booked for June with the boys and their new little sister, who will have just turned 1. We booked POFQ again because we really liked the small, cozy, quieter atmosphere, and shorter walks with the kids. As for the plane, I’ve always held them on my lap under 2 (mostly to save the money). But, at that age, they’ve always slept at least half of the trip. Then DH and I take turns holding the rest of the way. Good luck! You’ll be amazed at how different (& wonderful!) your trip to WDW is with a child of your own!


I’ve flown 3 times with my children as babies/toddlers (under 2)…it worked fine for us for him to be on my lap, but it really depends on what’s comfortable for you, as already mentioned. I just brought a ‘grab bag’ of smallish toys to entertain him, but he slept most of the plane ride all 3 different flights. There and back.

As far as which resort, if it were me, I’d also go with POFQ, for size purposes, (again, already mentioned!! Dana rocks! - and she knows what she’s talking about!)

POFQ is the one I keep leaning towards, too, for ease with my 22 month old. :c)


make sure you request to sit at the front of the plane or the bulkhead it’ll have way more legroom and be better with a babe :smile:


I traveled to Florida and WDW when my oldest was under 1. I would suggest getting the extra seat to guarantee that you get one whole row of the plane. This is regardless of whether you bring the car seat (I tried both ways; plusses and minuses to both). Having the extra seat was invaluable because it gave my husband and I the ability to easily pass the baby between us and get some elbow room. I have done the lap kid thing, and it is okay if the third person in your row likes kids, but if not… watch out! :eek:

As to hotels, it really is more what is good for you than the baby. I think POFQ would be great, if you get near the pool and the entrance to minimize the walk.

Regardless, have a great time! :tongue:


In the past 2 months we have flown to Orlando and Vegas with a 17 month old. We did not get a seat for him and it went just fine. Have lots of toys for them to look at a nd play with and understand if he/she does not sleep you will be playing with him/her the whole ride. As long as you keep them entertained it will work out fine.


DON’T DO IT! WDW is no place for young children. Only a complete nutcase would do this.

Someone once posted on DC that a toddler will be happy at home with a pot and spoon to bang together. Sound advice.



We took our oldest by car when she was 14 mos; our first trip with her twin baby sisters was when she was 6 and they were 16 mos and we flew that time with one baby each on our laps. It went OK but I admit I enjoyed the freedom when they had their own seats the following year! Remember to take your own stroller (as small and lightweight as possible) and have a change of clothes with you at all times. Let’s just say little one’s tummies can act up at any time (MK, airport, car, hotel bed, hotel lobby - you name it, we’ve cleaned up there!) and trying to buy replacement clothing on the spot is no fun. Also make sure that every part of their body is covered by clothing or sunscreen whenever you’re in the sun (burned shins and ears come to mind). Our first trip with Melissa also took me a little by surprise in that it was so different from trips with just the two of us. It took me a while to let go of my old expectations of a Disney trip and accept the reality of travelling with little ones. The list of tips is really endless - too much to list here, so if you have any more specific ?'s I love helping people with little ones enjoy their trip more! POFQ is your best bet for a resort pick for reasons already mentioned by other wise moms here. Just go with your gut and have a magical time! :wub:


I agree with Cavey, but if they have to go, a good roll of duct tape will ease a lot of problems. For us, we tape two mini-mice together and they share a seat. Very cost effective.
And you can tape their mouths closed; then tape a gerbil water bottle to the corner of their mouth.

I mean, we aren’t cruel.


LOL, Boss Mouse.

Seriously, I would recommend against taking your expensive stroller on the flight. Our last trip both our strollers were damaged, one irrepairably. I discovered the first one damaged, even as the second was hurled through a door and against the wall. That was United, and I won’t use them again.


You guys are funny. I especially like the idea of taping little mice together to share a seat. :wink:

Thank you all for your feedback and advice. We were leaning towards CBR, but now I think we’re changing our minds. Thanks again!!!


Anyway you get there will be good. It is all about the children. They will have a blast, making memories you will never forget.

(But then, if you forgot them, they wouldn’t be memories would they? ok - stick with the advice to get there anyway you can.)


Just one more opinion… I took my then 18 month old son home to Arkansas and it was just fine. We had a 1.5 hour flight to Charlotte and then another 2 to Little Rock, and he sat in my lap on the ride there and back. To be honest, it was really kinda special to me. It was his first time flying, and on the way there I had a window seat. It was so awesome having him sit on my lap and looking out the window at the world below… It worked well for us, but only you know your own family… Good luck with whatever you decide.


I have done both with my little ones, and I have to say that I liked it better when they were in my lap. I took my car seat when my son just turned 2 and I had to pay for his seat anyway. The car seat barely fits in the seat. I felt terrible for the guy sitting in front of my son! He couldn’t put his seat back without crushing my son’s legs. And forget about it if you need to pass him to go to the bathroom or something…it was next to IMPOSSIBLE. On the way back, we checked the car seat and just had him sit in his own seat. It was fine that way. But I still think until you need to pay for them (2 years old), it’s so much nicer with them on your lap…and you save money, too! :wink:


something to remember about this… no car rental company guarantees that they will have a car seat available. so if you are renting and you get to MCO and they are out… so are you. either you buy one or you “britney spears” it. i dont know how it is where you come from, but its illegal to have an unrestrained child in ANY passenger car (not to mention just as unsafe as it is at home). we took our DD, who was 1 at the time, in september. we bought her a seat for this reason, because we didnt want the carseat damaged or lost. an unexpected advantage to this was this- Kara never has (and never will, i assume) fallen asleep in either of our laps. but she OFTEN falls asleep in her car seat. 2+2=4, she fell asleep almost immediatly on both the commuter flight from Salisbury, MD to Philly and the big plane from Philly to Orlando. the only thing that was a pain was carting the car seat from gate to gate during the plane changes. my DW thought ahead, however, and bought a special bag that protects the carseat and has easy to carry shoulder straps. it would have been a killer without it. carseats at the rental agencies are also like $10 a day, so we also saved that. since Kara’s seat was only like $100, the net cost of getting her her own seat, and having her own carseat she was used to in the rental car was $30 bucks. if and when we fly with the babies (my DW is due in April) we will buy a seat for them. however, with two and all of thier attendant stuff, we will probably drive next time.


We always buy a seat for our kids on airline flights. However we do not use the car seat. The main reason is the extra space. There are 4 of us ( DH, DD 5 and DS 10months) . The space for all the baby and kid stuff is well worth it.
We normally fly United. United books under age 2 seats at 50% off the adult fare you are paying. American does also, I think other airlines do too.
So last time we flew DS round trip ticket was about $89.00 WELL WORTH IT!