Traveling with an infant


Well, we decided on a family vacation of 12 plus a 6-month old for the week after Thanksgiving. Does anyone know how readily available diapers and formula are at the Contemporary or within the parks? We’re thinking we should pack an infant survival box and have it shipped down to arrive the same day as us, but thought I would check it out with everyone first. Our countdown has begun!


I would assume you should either ship your own supplies or plan a grocery stop before you get on property. I’m sure they sell diapers in the gift shops, but their prices are probably only suitable for “emergency” situations. I’ve never seen formula in the shops, but even if it’s there and you could get the brand your baby uses - it’s also got to be wildly expensive (since it’s not cheap to start with!!)

I think a grocery stop is the way to go!


Other MBuzzers have ordered stuff through a local place (I think it’s something like Garden Grocer…???) and they’ll deliver to the hotel when you arrive. You order a few weeks ahead of your trip and when you get there so does your stuff. It might be another way to go, if you don’t have a way to get to a local grocery store.

Also, someone else suggested bringing an extra suitcase (since you’re usually allowed 2 suitcases per person on airlines)…pack it with your items and then on your way back you have room for souvenirs. Of course that’ll work if you have the room in the extra suitcase.


You can get diapers and formula at the baby centers in the parks but just one or two for emergencies. I would either send a box of baby supplies or go shopping before hand. is a good place with a wide variety of baby items… Have fun on your trip!


Will you have a car? If so, I definitely recommend stopping at Super Walmart or Target to get diapers and formula. DEFINITELY much cheaper than on property!!! The baby care centers have formula, but I think they only offer Good Start, since Nestle sponsors it. But I could be TOTALLY wrong on that one. I think I remember that from my last visit to the baby centers in 2005.

Definitely take advantage of those baby centers! They are a PERFECT way to get baby out of the hustle and bustle of the parks and to just RELAX. I liked the one at MK best.

Good luck planning! We are going the week before you!


If there is a way to take the goods with you or stop at a local supermarket en route then do that. There are always diapers available in every park ( but just one or two per pack emergency packs I believe) but most convenence stores within resorts have slightly bigger packs. However buying them in advance will certainly save on your $$$$.

we took our dd when she was 21 months old for the 1st time and it was fantastic! Make use of all the baby stations around the parks. They are a treasure!


I would def pack a box and ship it or go to Walmart when you get down there