Traveling with mom and maybe DS


Does anyone have any advice for traveling with my mom (60’s) and my DSis,(40) ? I am a bit nervous we don’t usually vacation together and everyone is set in their own ways. I don’t want the trip to be a lot of stress. One of the reasons I am going is to releave stress. DD has been sick the last couple of months she has ITP. And the doctors are having a hard time getting her platelets up. IF everything is ok when she goes back to the doctor, I was hoping to take the trip to WDW that was planned for DH and myself. Since he will be unable to go. I invited mom and DSis. Any ideas on a stess free trip.


Make sure you involve everyone with the trip planning. Does your DM and DSis live close by? If so, have a get together and bring your materials on WDW and discuss which things you like to do, must see, etc. Get their input and have them suggest things they would like to do as well. Be sure everyone gets to do & see things that they want to, even if it means foregoing something you want to do.

If things don’t work out perfectly to your plans, don’t fret about it and enjoy the time spent together. You only live once and it’s the little things that matter. If you don’t see a show, ride a ride or eat at a resturaunt you wanted to, don’t worry…at least you were able to spend some quality time together.

Believe me, I’m speaking as a person whose parents are deceased. I would LOVE to have my DD be able to spend time with her Grandparents at WDW or anywhere for that matter.


Wow, that can be a tough one. It sounds like you are sharing a room, am I right? My first bit of advice was going to be get two rooms so everyone has a little space.

We haven’t been to WDW w/o friends or family since we got married. I love to share it with other people. Last summer we went with a group we hadn’t traveled with before and all went well, not a single problem. In fact, we have never had a issue come up with a group we have traveled with.

We pick a meal each day so we don’t stand around every day trying to decide where to eat. I have a rough idea of what park we are going to each day and write that down, once we get to the park I just go with the flow. Everyone has to be patient and willing to work together to make it work.

Have a meeting with everyone going and allow everyone to help in the planning. Make a list of one or two attractions in each park that are a must do for each person and that’s what you do when you get to the park. That way no one can say that they didn’t get to do what they wanted–they got to pick their one or two important rides.


I have a perfect idea for a less stress trip with them. Seperate rooms for one thing. You and your DD in one room and them in another. It will be a blessing to be able to have some time just the two of you and a neutral corner to take a break from one another. This way you can go off and do some things on your own.


Well DD won’t be going. She is almost 19 and doesn’t want to go with us old folks. So it would be my mom and maybe my sister.