Travelling with a Special Needs person



We are taking my mother in law and brother in law (who has special needs) to WDW for Labor Day weekend. We are hoping to get there mid morning on that Friday. I want to make sure that the room we have reserved for them will be ready when we get there. Outside of the obvious calling reservations and letting them know he is a special needs person and we would like to have at least their room ready when we get there, is there anything else that y’all could think of to help make it easy for him so he can still enjoy himself?

Thanks in advance!


Just in case you don’t get any replies here, you may want to repost this in the Disney Disabilites forum further down the page.


Thanks ddoll!! So many forums I have not checked them all


you do not say what kind of special needs. but your best bet is to be sure and get a GAC check our Disablity forum about GAC’s


Thank you Tinkerbell,

I did a search on all the threads from the beginning in the disabilities forum. My BIL will be staying in the hotel for the duration of the trip as he can’t be around groups of strangers so we won’t be needing a GAC for the parks. Yes, it sounds strange taking him to WDW, but the only way we could get the MIL to go is to bring him with us (The whole idea was to have her take a vacation, which she sorely needs). He has been taken on trips before and just stays in the hotel room and keeps to himself.

I will just call up reservations and let them know that we have a special needs member of the group and we need to have their room ready when we get there. If it won’t be ready til the regular checkin time, we will just leave late morning.


ok …now just to make sure … call them 1- 2 days before your arrival … and the day of your arrival if possible, to remind them, since this is important. fax, email what ever you can to make sure they get and understand this. Also contact the resort not just Central Reservations… contact the front desk … make your needs known to the resort!!!


oh and I am not trying to be nosey …but not know just what his special needs are it is hard to say what you can do to make this trip more enjoyable for him. But if he does not leave room, I really can only suggest maybe you bring him back special things from the parks


I have an artifical knee, and have been in contact with customer relations when I made our reservations and they have promised that we will would be in a building close to the main house and close to transportation. I am hoping that I won’t have to rent a wheel chair. I should be okay with the brace, but you never know.

I am planning on contacting them the day before our trip to confirm everything.


hon, I can not stress this enough contact the front desk …ask to speak to who ever is in charge …the highest level …and make them very aware of what you need … believe me I thought I had our bases coved a few years back with our need for a fridge… and still we waited on one for several hours after check in.


Thanks for the info Tinkerbell!