Traverler's Checks


Hi Gang! I was wandering in the quick food places honor traveler’s checks. I have not used them much, but I am wandering if it allow me to not have as much cash. Although, if it is a hassle cashing them, maybe we shouldn’t. My original plan was to use traveler’s checks, credit card, and a small amount of cash. Also, do most of the towncar companies take traveler’s checks? 6 Days and counting. Go away Frances!


The only time we used travelers checks was in Greece when not many places would take plastic. At WDW I don’t see why you’d need them, and you may encounter many people who don’t know what to do with them.


What about cash getting stolen and traveler’s checks being insured?


I wouldn’t carry cash either - only minimal cash. I’d just use my debit card everywhere.


We ALWAYS use travelers checks and had no problem last year anywhere at WDW!!! :wink:

13 days and counting…GO AWAY FRANCES!!! :angry:


Get some Dsiney Dollars too. Leave your cash to a minimum and keep it in your account. Do you have an ATM or Debit card. I highly suggest only taking out as much cash as you need for that day and leaving the rest in your account. I take hald of my money in Disney Dollars and the other half is in cash.


I never had a problem using Travelers Checks when we were there. The only place I never tried to use them were the cart stands. Everywhere else, no problem.


We never get traveller’s checks. I take some cash, leave most of it in the room safe only taking a little for each day, & put everything else on the room card or on my Disney Visa. Then I take the cash I would have spent, pay off the bill, & get Disney Dollars for it!!! Having said that, I work at a credit union & have only heard of 1 or 2 situations where folks would not take traveller’s checks. I’ve never heard of a problem at WDW, just make sure you have id with you.


Thanks for the tips guys. We will have a debit card, but just in case we need cash, TC’s are the way to go, unless you have a problem, I have had problems in the past, but I’ve never been in Disney. We also wasn’t sure about how much cash we need if the quick places or carts don’t use debit or won’t honor TC’s. Thanks, I think I have a good idea how to work this.


And don’t forget, they also have ATMs scattered throughout WDW. That might help as well, especially in the case of any “emergency” that might pop up.