Treasure hunt clues, tell me what you think!


Here are the clues for the treasure hunt for the kids on Christmas morning. I think they are pretty cute so far, if you can think of some more please feel free to post away.

Your bags are packed to go away,
In fact, we are leaving later today.

You can get there by car or even by train,
But today we are leaving by an airplane.

You’ll have a great time, It won’t be a bore,
How do we know, cause you’ve been there before.

The very last clue this promises to be,
There’s a picture of this place hanging on the tree.

I have an ornament of the castle that we picked up at WDW this past July and I’m going to hide it on the tree and have them hunt for it.


Sounds great! What a great idea! :mickey:


I think that’s great! It’ll be so much fun!


The kids will be so excited! It makes me excited just hearing about it.


Keeping this trip a secret is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I just hope keeping it a surprise doesn’t backfire, DD is going to be soooo excited, but DS he may get a little nervous. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.


Your clues are great! Have fun with the surprise.


That sounds great. I hope they both are very excited. :mickey:


Sounds like fun! Be sure to have your camera handy! How old are your children?


Wow, those clues sound great! I can’t wait to hear how it goes! :mickey:


Sounds great! Can’t wait to read what their reactions were!!


What a great idea… sounds like fun. can’t wait to hear all about it


DS is 9 and DD is 7. I have two cameras already ready to go and the recorder, I don’t want to miss anything.


aww what a cute idea!! Could you post a picture of their reaction when it happens? :slight_smile:


I love it! I can’t wait to hear every single detail of the treasure hunt…your kids are going to LOVE it~ :wub:




Oh how fun! I would love to hear how it goes.


I loved treasure hunts when I was younger–this is going to be so much fun for them and you!! Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Finally the time is almost here. You can untie your mouth and talk again without worry that you might spill the beans.

When we kept the last trip from our boys, we did well but only because we told the whole village about it and that made it easier. Then we had to worry only that one of our fellow villagers might spill the beans :pinch:
Alas, they ALL were good! :biggrin: and the surprise was complete


Kara great clues I cannot wait to hear about their reactions and hopefully we can meet up on the 29th


That’s a great idea