Treehouse Villas photos -- inside and out!


Has everyone seen these already? Sorry if this has already been posted.

Just have to say WOW!!!

Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs (The ?World? According to Jack)


Thanks, that was really interesting seeing the tree houses from start to finish.


They are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous inside. I wish I’d have the opportunity to stay there at some point but MY GOSH, the points to stay in one are SOOO high (deservedly) because they sleep 12 people. The only way I could see us staying in there one or two nights is if Daniel’s whole family came to stay with us. :laugh: Now that I think of it maybe I SHOULD have booked one of these the night of his birthday in December 'cause his whole family is coming up for it but I am NOT giving up that BLT reservation now. :laugh:


Don’t give up that BLT reservation for anything!

The points for the THV are the same as a 2 bedroom at SSR and I think they only sleep 9. The transportation scares me, is this going to stress the SSR transportation? I’m guessing they are going to share buses and people already complain of long waits at SSR at times.


I’m still looking for a map of the lay out - which building is where?

Never mind - I found one and posted it in “You’re in the jungle, baby”

Nothing to see here - go on…


I looks great but I’m not sure I would want to stay until I found out about the transportation and how good/bad it is. After all getting around is a big thing


One of my friends is staying there right now and has been twittering some pictures back. The windows go all the way down to the floor so the view is enormous!

Someday I hope to get there myself and see it firsthand.


Those are really nice inside but they seem so far away from everything. I also wonder how tranportation will be.


IF I were to buy into DVC, Bay Lake Tower would be my only choice.


Wow, the Treehouse is definitely going on the “To Stay At” list.


I always wanted to stay at the Treehouses back in the day. It’s really a shame they didn’t update the pool, but Treehouses do look fabulous.


I like them! I think they would be great to stay at! I will have to plan a trip for a big group, Hmmm… When to go and who to bring!


I am posting this, sitting in the master bedroom of our treehouse villa. It is amazing here! They are really nicely done. Rustic, but still modern. They sleep 9 - 2 in the master, 2 in a BR with a queen bed, 2 in a BR with bunkbeds, 2 on the pullout sofa, and 1 in a pullout chair.

I am amazed at how little “footprint” is left around the actual structures. There are still trees, the wetlands are here, it truly is as if they built the houses long ago and everything grew up around them.

There are no sidewalks, though, and it’s only wide enough for one bus to get through on the one-way street. There are 2 bus stops for the treehouses, north and south. There is one quiet pool for the area.

The internal bus system hasn’t been bad at all, and I was expecting the worst. We haven’t had to wait more than about 7 minutes for an internal bus to take us to one of the other stops so we can get on our way. We have had to wait a max of 20 minutes at the parks to get a bus to bring us back. No more than a normal resort.

The master shower leaves a little to be desired in the pressure department, but there are 2 showerheads you can switch between, so that’s nice.

Any other questions, just let me know. I’ll try to check back in a day or two.


140 days kids



It looks super cool!
I hope to stay there sometime!


How about power chair accessibility? (power wheelchair)


[QUOTE=subvetss;965937]How about power chair accessibility? (power wheelchair)

Hey Joe,

AllEars has detailed photo & a video of an accesible T House. u have Got to go.


What is the bus route now that the Treehouses are on the Saratoga Loop? Do they start off in the treehouses then hit Grandstand, carosel, paddock, congress park, springs?


That’s a great article in the link to Very cool to see pictures inside and out.

I recently took some picutres of the Treehouse Villas too. Here are a couple:

You can see more pictures starting here:
Free high resolution pictures Disney World - Resorts - Pathway sign pointing to Treehouse Villas



Wow! These look AWESOME! I hope to stay here eventually!