Treehouse Villas?


I heard recently that some of the old Treehouse Villas resort are back up and running. Is is true? When we stayed at POR last May, we travelled back and forth past the Treehouse Villas on our boat rides to and from DTD and the Villas looked terrible - falling apart, lights still on inside, etc. You could even see unmade beds in some of them. It looked eery and very un-Disney.

I had understood that the Villas area would eventually become part of Saratoga Springs.

So what’s the 4-1-1??


I heard somewhere that the forign CPs were staying in them. I dont think they can be rented because they are not handicaped accesable.


That makes sense. When we were there in December, DD said she thought it looked as if someone was actually using some of them when we drove past them in a WDW bus (EXCUUUSE ME - MOTORCOACH).

BTW: Did anyone else notice how horrible they looked from the Sassagoula River?


They did look bad! I think they got beat up when all the hurricanes came thru a year and a half ago.


I really wish they would open back up to the public. I had no clue they existed until recently. Would love to stay there.


The Treehouses are being used as business offices and storage for Saratoga Springs, while it is still under construction. They did sustain damage in the hurricane. This is what a captain of the ferry boat told us a couple of weeks ago. They are very run-down. They looked completely deserted when we were there. I don’t think they’ll do anything until SSR is completed.


While I was there in October,I stayed at POFQ. Everytime we passed the tree houses, the boat driver said (and it was different ones) that those tree houses were going to be used as houses for out of country cast members…international program or something like that. They said then that they were suppose to be up and going in January 06. I don’t know how true it is or if they are open at all. I am just repeating what multiple cast members said to me in Octoer.


Right now they are being used for international CM housing.


Glad that I got the right information from the CM’s on the POR boats…also glad that they are in use. They have been abandoned for so long.


They looked horribly run-down when I was staying at SSR in October. Kind of creepy, actually. Not sure if I’d want to be staying there… .


Yes, the treehouses are used to house the international CMs who are here for 2 months. :mickey:


yeah, some people I’ve chatted with who are ICP Alummni lived in the Treehouse Villas, on their 3 month programs though, sounds neat but they didn’t like it because they were too far from all the CM parties :tongue: lol


We stayed there about six years ago or so. They were a great free upgrade for then the Disney Institute. Lots of rooms and a great patio as you see from the boats. We would love to stay there again. There was even a “fake” tree going through the middle.


My DH got to stay in them as a kid. He said they were really cool . It is a shame what has become of them.


One of my first trips to disney as a kid was in them. I don’t remember much other then the inside of them. I would love to be able to stay there again sometime.


I’m going to have to go on a boat ride, I’ve never seen them but it sounds like they would be really neat to stay in once they were fixed up. :mickey: