Treehouse Villas


The point chart for '09 is out. THV is under SSR and is equal to a 2br.


wow…I would love to stay in them just once. I just don’t want to pay for it or take enough people with me to actually fill one:laugh:


They look so cool, I wish I belonged to DVC just so we could stay there. I can’t wait to see the finished villas.


GIRL TRIP!!! :heart::laugh:


Wait a minute, weren’t these made into housing for college program CMs? :huh:


I guess they’re kicking them out - I’ve always had a hankering to stay in one - maybe now I’ll get the chance!


Me too, I was very disappointed.


Where did you see how they look, what is the link?


Here is some info. Treehouse Villas Disney Vacation Club Resorts


Thanks 2nd Star, the info and pictures gets you thinking about the next visit to Disney, and staying in one of these treehouses. Definitely adds to the ownership at SSR.


Treehouse Villas (open June 1, 2009)
Booking begins
Owners: February 8, 2009
Other Members: February 22, 2009


Here is an artists rendition of the outside:


And the inside:


We just stayed at SSR in Oct. and while sitting at the pool I watched the crane lift new tree houses over the trees (like in 2 half sections), so I believe they are demolishing the old tree houses and rebuilding them.


Joseph – here is that photo too for the link above…


Oh they do look so fun. And then everyone should come with it’s own little dinghy, ready to take us to DTD or POR/POFQ.

I like “girl trip” mickeysgirlz. We could fill one of those. They have always intrigued me and now even more.


I would soooooo love to stay in one of those when there built they look fantastic! Im just wondering - would you feel a little isolated out there and up a tree??


I vote for a GIRL TRIP. :happy:


I finally got around to reading this…so they’re tearing the old Treehouses down and building brand-new ones! Fantastic! I’ve always wanted to stay in the Treehouses - I love the serenity of them.

Hmmm - girl trip, eh? November, 2010, Dopester? The Donut, HB, LMS, moi - we need 4 more!:happy:


2nd Star - Did you receive a new point chart in the mail? I don’t have anything with THV
listed. It’s getting near the time for me to make my reservations for autumn 2009 and winter 210, and I would love to compare THV.