Treetops Villas


Has anyone stayed there? How far was it from the buses? Thoughts, comments, concerns?


We stayed there and had a blast. You are not far from any bus stop. Do you understand you take a buss from the Tree houses to SSR and then get a bus to a park? I didn’t think it was a hassle at all.

We were right on the water, so it was a very nice view every day. There is so much foliage and they are set up so you do not see your neighbors on their decks.

They are not as big as advertised. We had 5 adults and that maxed it our. One of the bedrooms will sleep two children as it consists of small bunk beds.


We spent 10 days in one last summer and it was great. Very private, quiet, peaceful. Pool close by, nice walking path to SSR in evening. The decor is very fitting and tv’s everywhere to keep the kids happy when in the house. It’s a wonderful far cry from the busy atmosphere of many other resorts. Would definately recommend for WDW with quality relaxation!


When keeping a budget in mind, they seem impractical for 2 adults and 1 teenager because of the size. Is that an accurate perspective? They look so cool but I just don’t know if I can justify the cost/size for our family. :mellow:


It would be plenty roomy. I’m not sure of the cost, as we use DVC points. It is a verrrrrrryyy relaxing atmosphere. And you can take boats to the main resort. It was a vacation in of itself. If you can, I would recommend staying there at least one visit. I would go back w/just DW.


Thanks everyone. I have watched a video showing them and thought I might like to try them out. Now in the beginning of the day I would not mind taking a bus to SSR and then one to the parks, but at the end of the day, I am not so sure, I just want to get “home” :laugh:
I am still considering it seriously. I don’t think I will take the extended family since the bunk beds are small.


It’s not a big deal - I promise.


I think I am going to try to talk the DH to take a mini trip there.


I hate to completely disagree, but I do. We stayed in the treehouses right when they opened, June 2009, and I hated the location. It was such a hassle to take 2 buses, minimum, everywhere. Plus, they are located directly in the marshlands, so the mosquitoes and other bugs are Terrible!

For 2 adults and a teenager, the 3rd BR would be completely wasted, plus there isn’t a lot of extra space. We had 4 adults and 5 kids in ours, so every bit of sleeping space was taken.

Had it been just our family, and had we spent more time just at the resort to enjoy the quiet of the location, my opinion might be different, but as it is, I will not stay in the treehouses again by choice.


Hmmmm, more food for thought


I guess and important aspect of b1’s comment is time of year. We went in October, so the bug issue was minimal. I’m not sure how it would be at other times of the year. 4 Adults and 5 kids would definitely cramp the place. Disney may say it sleeps 9 but it doesn’t really accommodate that many.


Good to know! Thank you!