Hey guys,

I’ve been looking into the new shop in Down Town Disney called “Tren-D” I was wondering…Have any of you ever been there and if so, what are the sizes of the clothing? I’m a larger woman and can’t go to those fancy stores that only have sizes 0 - 6. I wear more like an 18/20. So I’m hoping that there will be clothing in my size. If not, I may go in and look at some of their none clothing items anyway. But, I thought I’d ask before I walked in and possibly disappointed myself. lol

  • Drea


I’ve been there! Some of the clothing are in larger sizes. A lot of skirts, dresses, etc. They have shoes and jewelry . . . AWESOME store!!

One of my new favs for sure . . . even if you don’t find something to wear, you won’t leave disappointed! The eye candy and photo ops alone is worth the trip! :heart:


It is a cute store, but I don’t think you will have much luck in the clothing aspect of it. I wear the same size and the XL looked very small- too small to even bother trying on. I think their sizing would reflect more of a juniors size. You might have luck with some shirts, but not too sure about the other clothing. They also have cute bags and jewelry.


I was also going to say they had tons of cute accessories, so I am sure you will find something you like. I have noticed lots of Disney clothing runs on the small side, at least stuff I have purchased the last couple of trips.


I was going to say the opposite, I find Disney clothes in general run big, but I found clothes at this store a bit on the small side. Very cute store though, lots of fun things to see aside from the clothes too!


We were there in May. My wife wears a size 3X and she said they had clothes in that size.


No worries Drea! I am the same size as you and have never had a problem finding cute Disney clothes in our size. Sometimes the sizing is more ‘juniors’ though or not number sizes but like XXL, you just have to check it out. A couple of the more junior items have seemed to fit smaller to me but the majority has been generously cut.


This is one of the places my DD can’t wait to shop in when we go in August :slight_smile: Like a lot of other ladies, I’ve found it hard to find difficult to find some really cute clothes in plus sizes, but even if they don’t have them I’m going to look for that one purse I saw in some of the promotion photos…LOL…If all else fails my stand by is always there…SHOES!!!

My name is Leigh and I am addicted to shoes… :slight_smile:


yeah I know right! If I get a lg top it’s quite a bit snuggly, not leaving much to the imagination. Yet if I get an XL it’s swallowing!!! to the point of a short sleeve top going past the elbows.