'TrenD' boutique coming to DtD!


Finally, the [I]right[/I] coast gets their own semi-version of Vault 28!



Nice! I can’t wait to check it out.


It looks like they carry some unique things, I’ll be anxious to see it for myself!


OOH LA LA!!! I can’t wait- it totally looks like my kind of store!!!


Love it!!! (But looks expensive… maybe that’s why! :laugh:)


Do they have an exact date yet? We are going March 4th and I hope its open. If it is I will give a report to you all. Looks nice though.


Ohhh I can’t wait to check this out next year!! It looks great!


Oh great “Looks expensive”. That was all my wife had to hear. I see this costing me. LOL


Looks interesting…can’t wait to see it.


Yes that does look really interesting and a little different from the usual Disney apparel and merchandise-I am sure my DD will be keen to explore!


I can’t wait! THat looks supah cool!


Wow . . . very cool! Can’t wait to check it out!:mickey:


That is really cool – I can already see DD will be spending a LOT of time in there – perhaps I should just go ahead and give the store my ATM card and they can just draw the money out of the account as she spends!


:laugh: DD and I can go shopping there together. :tongue:


Oh Jess, would you? That would suit me just fine! You two go snap up all those cool new fashions! Then meet me at the bar in Cap’n Jacks. I will be the one with the margarita!


ooohh! I love it!!! I can’t wait until we get to go back to Disney!


Ooooo I love all the bright colors! I will have to check that place out.


Speaking as a DTD Cast Member, I have been told that it will open in the Spring so probably in April if they stay on schedule.


Aw phooey! Oh well maybe we can go back on my birthday lol.