Trend opened in DTD today! (3-19-09)


A new store opened today (March 19, 2009) at Downtown Disney, Marketplace. Replacing Summer Sands, TREND is a stylish shop that caters to the young-at-heart woman.

Everything from handbags to jeans to blouses to jewelry is for sale here. Much of it is Disney branded, but not all. And Minnie seems to be the character of choice on much of the merchandise.

But this shop has more going for it than just the merchandise. The Imagineers went to great lengths to create an imaginative and fun place that husbands and fathers can enjoy while their wives and daughters browse and buy. And if not, Team Mickey is right next door.

Here is the link: TREND ? Downtown Disney Marketplace (The ?World? According to Jack)

[B]I can’t wait to check it out! :wub:[/B]


Love it!!! :wub: About time for some girly Disney merchandise. (I really hope they have Mickey and Donald merchandise, though… that’s the problem I have when shopping at WDW - I’ve never been much of a Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbelle fan, and it seems like all of the ladies’ merchandise has them on it.) I’d like to know some prices… :laugh:


Can’t wait! You know I’ll be checkin’ it out in June!


I am SO EXCITED!!! I will be there next month for sure!!


We leave for Disney 24 hrs from now, I may have to check it out.


The pictures look really cool! I’ll be checking it out Mother’s Day weekend for sure! :wub:


That looks super fun! Can’t wait to go in Sept.


I love it! I looks soooo cute! FINALLY! Disney clothes for older people that still is as cute as the childrens clothes! I want that Mickey and Minnie movie tee! I’m about to go to Disney and buy it!

I really miss DTD! I need to go backkkk.


I’m think I’m seeing a Betsey Johnson influence in the merchandise… she’s listed as a designer for Vault 28. Think she’s designing for TrenD, too? (I LOVE her jewelry!)


I love the pictures. I cannot wait to check this store out when I’m there in June. Everything looks so colorful and hip and…“trendy” :laugh:


I was there the night before Summer Sands closed. I bought a scarf …next day it was closed. I kinda liked having a store that wasn’t “Disney” for clothes, etc. I’m not the kind to wear Disney stuff outside of Disney…and then it has to be subtle. This just looks like more Disney merchandise - too bad - I’ll have to visit the outlets.


Oh boy! I think I know where I will be spending my giftcard next week. :))


While in search of a specific hoodie Thursday night, I stumbled upon TrenD’s…they didn’t have the jacket, but the store is AWESOME!! Don’t forget to check out the ceiling when you get there. The store is very unique, I’m not a “shopper” but my daughter and I spent quite a bit of time in there! They have alot of things that are only offered in their store.


We’re planning to spend a day at DTD while we’re down visiting family in FL next week. I can’t wait to check it out!


Oh it looks so cute!
I’m with Llama…if I wear Disney merchandise (even inside the parks) it has to be very very subtle. I’m not sure why it’s just my style. But some of that stuff looks like stuff I would wear! And the jewelry looks awesome too!!


TrenD news - A look inside the new TrenD boutique

I found more photos. My mom and dad are at wolfgang pucks right now and so I called her to tell her to check it out I will report back after she goes. I am curious about the prices. I would love a pair of sunglasses or bag or maybe the big coffee/soup mugs. I wish I was there with her. It looks like modern clothing with a bit o mickey.


I was there Tuesday night and bought a hoodie and matching night shirt for me and my DD. I think my DD and my nieces are going to love the stuff they have there.


Wow, that looks amazing! Thanks for the link!


my mom said the prices were disney reasonable. $42 dress/ $25 for a purse. They had a $118 besty johnson bathing suit top. She said it was really great stuff and the decor was amazing.


That sounds so exciting! That is reasonable for Disney! But I am very excited about the look of the clothes and the store in general. I want to go sooo bad! :smiley: