Tried to add on days


My BF who I am going to Disney with in just 19 days :happy: I think has been bitten by the Disney bug and we haven’t even arrived yet!! ( This is her daughter and her first trip!!)

So she wanted us to add on 2 more days to our trip and we were on the site and on the phone with CRO this morning with NO LUCK!! Nothing is open on the 7th (which I figured after reading kim’s posts) and nothing on the 8th either!! (well only yacht club and there’s no way i can afford 700+ for 2 nights --and that was WITH my passholder’s discount!!)

I asked the lady on the phone at CRO what could be going on and she said perhaps a convention or something…


Keep checking, something else should open up in the next week.


I second what soundgod said. Keep trying …people cancel all the time. Try the values…try everything…,…off site even:ohmy:


good luck, i hope something opens! any chance of an offsite (maybe around dtd) for those nights?


Man I wonder what is going on the 7th and 8th! :ohmy: That’s nuts…

Definitely keep trying, there are bound to be some cancellations within the next few weeks!


If nothing is available, chalk it up to fate. You made logical decisions up to this point, why go off course?

Im always giddy before my trip, and would eagerly add a week to the stay. However, I usually am vacationed out and am ready to leave on time. There can be too much Disney sometimes. (gasps and sneers of derision from buzzers).


DH hates the idea of me staying extra days!! He’s jealous enough all ready that I’m going to be [as he puts it] “in our special place” with someone else!! :laugh: And maybe he’d be PO’d since he requested off of work the day after I come back (I’ll get home extremely late on Thurs night–And I took that Friday off of work too)

But this would mean more time in Disney…hmmm…what to do, what to do…


I often wind up adding a day before or after. This last main vacation, we added on an extra day on our last day, though usually I’ll add the extra day before we leave home.
Of course, it wasn’t so bad because we were using up all our dining credits that day, so food was beyond payed for on that final day!


Stick with the plan, especially if he took off work to be with you when you return


my aunt has been trying to get a room for 7-10 because she wants to be down there with us but she’s had no luck at all…it makes me a little nervous about what the crowds will be like! what happened to “off-season?”


Isn’t arround that time that Disney welcomes the Hight school cheerleeders from all arround? it’s usually before the Daytona races which all resorts are fully booked. :ohmy:


I would definitely keep trying. If you don’t find something just go offsite. There are so so so many hotels that are withing a mile or 2.


offsite is a no go for us. we are using dme so that we don’t need to rent a car and staying offsite we’d need a car for sure.

jen i’m with you—what happened to the Off Season???


I think your right. He’s going to miss us alot!! He’s never been away from us that long!


I understand about not wanting to stay off site. But I don’t think that you would necessarily need a car…Most of the hotels offer free shuttles.


Yes but those free shuttles aren’t anywhere near as convenient as Disney Transport. The shuttles are often shared with other hotels and only make around 4 round trips or so per day. Say two in the morning and two in the afternoon. I guess there’d be 6 so there were two runs in the evening. Disney Transport is good for 3 or 4 per hour.


Not necessarily, if you find a hotel that has their own shuttle…we have found that you just call and tell them what time you want to be picked up. It has worked for us in the past. Maybe it would work for some and not others, just depends on how flexible you are.


Eek! We are going to be there then, does this mean the parks are going to be crazy!!!

I always find adding a few days good – afterall, sometimes the biggest expense is getting there. And, Disney per day gets cheaper and cheaper the more days.

I agree, keep trying. You never know who cancels and what CMs will do for you. . .Also, try your local AAA and see if they have any better luck in booking those extra nights. You never know.


I really hoping that even though the resorts are pretty much booked due to the cheerleaders, the conventions and the fact that Fat Tuesday is Feb. 5th, that the parks will not be as busy. I have read online that even when they have the conventions that the parks aren’t busy during the day. Here’s to hoping…


I’m with you girl!!