Tried To Change Adr


Sept 11th we have Adr for plant hollywood after reading reviews I decided to change it to Le Cellier, NO such luck they have no opens for the 11th So does anyone have any suggestions?


I have been hearing that they are booked up for the next 6 months.

Suggestions for ADR at a certain park, resort, etc.??


it doesn’t matter, that is one of our “free” days just to do whatever Any suggestions would be great.


Since you were going to DTD for Planet Hollywood, have you tried
Earl of Sandwhich, House of Blues, Rainforest Cafe, Raglan Road (never eaten there but have heard good things)

We loved Kona at the Poly.

We also really like Trails End Buffet at FW.

There are just so many to suggest!!


Wolfgang pucks at DTD is also very good … I love the asian ribs they have …


I wouldn’t totally give up on Le Cellier. You’d be surprised that what is not available today is magically available tomorrow. Just keep trying and you may get lucky. It’s happened to me before.:blush:


Keep trying for Le Cellier. That’s a tough one to book if you miss the 180 day mark. It doesn’t hurt to keep calling someone ma cancel.

I like Earl of Sandwich and Wolfgang Pucks f you’re at DtD. Kona and 'Ohana are also good. if you’re still looking for a good steak have you thought about Yachtman’s Steakhouse at Yacht Club? You could also try the new restaurant, The Wave, at the Contemporary.


I agree…Wolf Gang Pucks is VERY good!


YUMMY! YUMMY! Try Wolfgang’s if you haven’t before it is GOOD! :wub:


You can try for Le Chefs De France.
I though this was better than LeCellier last trip.


If you haven’t tried Restaurant Marakesh, I highly suggest it. It is rarely booked to capacity during that time of year and the seafood bastilla is fantastic. So was everything else.


Ok, this has happened to me before. But if your really really really persistant you can get in or get an adr. If you do a walk up to Le Cellier usually you can get in. Try 4:00 or so. Or just call every day 2 or 3 times a day. You never know when someone might be cancelling. We love Le Cellier. It will be worth the trouble. Good luck and lots of Pixie Dust!


I’ll second that.

We also like Spoodles on the Boardwalk. Boma was wonderful though perhaps just as likely to be booked.

There is that big McDonald’s out by AK too. Funny how I never see too many reviews on that. :laugh:


Love Earl of Sandwich too!


I definitely wouldn’t do Marrakesh. It wasn’t good at all!


I wanted to love Marrakesh but didn’t like it either.


Another vote for Wolfgangs!:wub: Its on our list every trip.


Hey… Says you… :wink:

It was good - for us! :laugh:

So many love Fantasmic - I don’t get the attraction of it. :blink:

That is what is I love about this place - everyone has their opinions are no one is too shy to hold them back. I sometimes end my opinion with that old phrase from the car commercials: “Your mileage may vary…” :mickey:


I understand there are alot of people that like Marrakesh. I have just gotten so used to incredible middle eastern food living near Dearborn. That I just thought it was terrible. Everyone at our table didn’t like their food. It is really great that everyone has their own opinions. That’s what makes MB so great.


I know Steph I wanted to love it too. One of these days I will give it another chance and order the lamb. That seems to be the fave there.