Trip Countdown


How do I add the Trip Countdown to my information?


In order to gain the countdown you need to have over 100 post and be a member for at least 90 days. Don’t worry…if you’re planning a trip those 100 post will fly by!:laugh: But you can put your trip dates in your signature so we all can see when you are going!
Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Bella just said it all but I wanted to say WELCOME TO MB!!!


Thanks for the info!


See, only 96 posts and 3 months to go! The time is going to fly by and when you finally get your countdown you’ll be so Disney-smart.


I remember being anxious to get my countdown to show and now, here I am at over 700. Trust me, it will fly by. Welcome to MB and when are you headed to WDW?


The time will fly by. Tell us when your trip is. You can always put your name down for this year. Tell Dana I think.


welcome to mouse buzz where you can find out about anything you want!!


We’re in the process of planning a trip the first part of December. We were at WDW January 2007; we hit the cold snap - it was freezing, but had an awesome time; then again in August 2007 before school started (free dining), I don’t think we’ll go again in August it was way too HOT - but we had a great time and got to use the pool quite a bit.

This will be our first WDW trip to see the Christmas decoartions and I can’t wait.

Thanks again for all the advice and welcomes!:heart:


Welcome, MickeyEars.

You’ll love early December. It’s my favorite time to go. Beautiful decorations, cool temps and low crowds.

Happy planning.