Trip details....sorry can't think of a catchy title


Although I’ve posted a few times in the last few days, it seems like I’ve been away forever. Broken laptop and then two weeks with my DGD. She just turned one. I have a trip in just over a month and I don’t even remember where I should post it, so if this isn’t the right spot, point me in the right direction.

Backround - My DH and I went to disney for two weeks for my 50th birthday in late Nov. We bought AP’s at the time. Last summer I bought SW tickets and then all these “ding” fares came up so we had a few hundred dollars of credit on SW that had to be used. So we figured we had the tickets, we had the airfare, we only needed rooms and food. Thus a trip was born.

May 1 - May 10 We are staying at PC. We stayed there last time and loved it but we were somewhat close to the food court. Some of the rooms seem to be quite a hike so I don’t know if my feelings will change if we get one of those rooms.

We plan to revisit Whispering canyon, la celliar, garden grill and ohana. A new one is crystal palace. We ate there maybe 20 yrs ago. I’m guessing it changed a bit since then. Honestly, the menu that was posted on Allearsnet until a few weeks ago didn’t sound all that great for lunch. The new one sounds really good. I think the new listing is just more detailed. The rest are counter meals. We have never seen the flower and garden (?) show, so that is something new. And this trip we will be alone. Last time for half the trip we had DD,DS,DSIL, and DGD with us. It seemed like I did a lot of waiting trying to meet up with people. And with the weather be warmer, I won’t be a pack mule with jackets and gloves and whatnot (I’ll only pass out from the heat, but that’s a different concern).

So here are the details

May 1 arrive orlando @ 9:30 , get to POP about 11? Head out to MK. Lunch at CP @ 2:20. Leave MK about 7. Early bedtime, remember we will have gotten up about 3 a.m.

May 2 Epcot first thing, lunch at la celliar at 12:20. Head over to MK late afternoon, stay for fireworks.

May 3 Ak all day , it’s evening EMH so we’ll stay till 7 or so then head over to epcot for fireworks.


May 4 Early EMH at Mk. Stay until our lunch at Whispering canyon. After lunch either head back to hotel for a rest or just stay at MK until closing. Fireworks again. I just love fireworks.

May 5 MGM for 5 or 6 hours. Back to hotel for a rest. And then Ohana at 6:30. Late EMH at Epcot that night, so we’ll head there after.

May 6 Rest day, laundry, whatever. It’s a saturday, so I thought the parks would be very busy. Maybe hit a park for just a few hours. But nothing planned.

May 7 AK for 5 or 6 hours. Rest----Hey we’re old, we need rest-----and then MK. Late EMH

May 8 MGM and then Epcot for ,of course, FIREWORKS

May 9 Epcot all day, lunch at garden grill.

May 10 Since we won’t need to catch ME till about 1:30, I thought we’d spent a few hours at MK.

And that’s it. Any thoughts, comments?


I love the Garden Grill & the Crystal Palace. We have found the lunch to be almost exactly the same as the dinner menu(at the Crystal Palace). I think you will enjoy it.

9 days! I am jealous!


Perfect, Jojo!!!

Can that baby be any cuter??? :wub:

You’re going to have a BLAST!!!

I’m lovin’ that baby!


I would also like to check out some of the ride queues(sp) without going on the rides like TOT, MS, etc. I know I’m a chicken, but tea cups is almost too much for me. I don’t want to spend lots of time recovering from a 3 min ride. Has anyone done this? I know it sounds dumb to do the waiting, but disney usually puts lots of thought into the waiting areas.


I know that I have read about people doing that before. I am sure if you ask a CM they will be glad to help you out with that. Heck, I did that tons of times on Splash Mtn, because I would chicken out!


Not being able to handle tea cups does not make you a chicken! I love roller coasters and everything, but I cannot handle she spinning of the cups. They totally make me want to hurl. :blow:

Sounds like you guys are going to have a great trip!


I’ve never ridden Tower of Terror, Mission Space, RnRC, but I’ve been through most of the lines, pre-shows, etc. Yes, they’re worth the time. Even though I’ve yet to ride ToT, it’s still one of my favorite attractions at WDW just from the themeing and the pre-show. Ditto RnRC. Enjoy the parts of them you can. It’s all great!


How about “Jo Jo’s Joyful Jaunt” as a catchy title?

I’ll give you MS as a ride to skip, but everyone should try ToT once in their life.


Since I don’t intend to ride, at what point do I tell a CM of my plan? And is every ride set up like this? I wouldn’t want to get “trapped” into going on scary rides.

Cavey, great title, but do I have to pay you royalties if I use it? Or is it’s use included in the yearly dues. :tongue:


Since when have you EVER paid your dues. :tongue:


Hey, prove that I didn’t!!! Don’t blame me for your bookkeeping errors. :tongue:

Another question. Does anyone think I could just drop in at the Plaza Restaurant for a banana split? I want a real banana split (not a DQ one). I thought if I tried at an off time, I could get a table for 20 mins or so.


Hey! We’ll be there the same time as you.

Heres to low crowds and great weather.

Your plans look great!!


Need another opinion. I was just looking at mouseplanet and they talk about a marathon on May 6 and one on May 7. On the 6th we plan to stay out of the parks, but on the 7th we had planned to start at AK. That’s the same place the marathon is to start. Do you think since marathons seem to start very early, we should have any problems going at standard opening? I have no knowledge of what happens with these things. I did once read, people were saying the traffic getting to the parks were awful because of a marathon.


First of all - loving that grandbaby.

We always seem to be at WDW during the January marathon, and yes, the traffic does become somewhat of a nightmare, if you’re driving. It doesn’t bother my dh - he use to drive a Coke truck - and he always seems to find an alternative route. The parks themselves are pretty empty during the marathon - so it’s worth the effort to get there. I’m sure the Disney transport has taken all this into account and you won’t be much delayed.


Have to agree with you, my grandbaby is a cutie. :wub:

We don’t drive at disney. To us that’s one of the joys of disney, not worrying about getting here or there, expecially (sp) if we split up. (I tend to last longer than my DH) And it sounds like keeping our plans as they are will work out. Thanks for the info.