Trip Insurance / Delta Strike


[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I am about to book my trip to Disney for September 9 - 15. I am so excited. I have been hearing rumors about Delta going on strike and they are who our flights were going to be through. They have a non stop flight from Oklahoma City to MCO which is perfect and the times would be wonderful!! The way I understand it, Travel Guard doesn’t cover “strikes.” Does disney itself cover the airfare or at least a portion of it?

What exactly is the insurance for? There will be 8 of us going, 4 of them being kids. Is the money worth it? I wanted to get it because of hurricane season and all but will disney work with you in those circumstances even without insurance. $200 bucks could go buy alot of souviners at disney for the kids.[/COLOR]


Ok, well I may be wrong, but I too was worried about this rumor so I asked Delta about the impending strike before I booked our Sept flights and was told that the strike issues were solved. I could be wrong though! After all, I did ask a Delta employee! I will keep an eye on this thread for more information.


We’re flying Delta this July 8th, and we too were told by a Delta rep that the strike issues were solved! I really hope they’re right!


From what I’ve heard the strike issues are resolved and I think the Delta employees realize that if they strike, Delta will go under and they’ll be unemployed anyway!


Yes, the strike is resolved.

Delta is in bankruptcy, like Northwest, and…? Your only real concern is if Delta shuts down operation in the middle of your trip, making it a challenge to get home. The likelihood of that happening is very small indeed.

I’d weight the $200 against your peace of mind, and go on from there.