Trip insurance


Since our 2007 trip will be the first trip where I am purchasing a “package”, I wanted to find out our options for trip insurance. I read on Mousesavers that the Disney trip insurance is expensive and has alot of restrictions. I’ve never gotten trip insurance (for room-only reservations) before, but on Mousesavers it says you SHOULD get it. Last year I bought the trip insurance thru Disney for our cruise. Since it was during Hurricane Wilma I inquired as to how we are covered due to the impending hurricane, I was told hurricane’s aren’t covered :pinch: !! (We did you anyways!)

Any hoo…does everyone get trip insurance? I read that if you cancel a package up to 6 days prior the penalty is like $100 and 5 days prior its $200. Isn’t that what the trip insurance costs anyways?

Was wondering what your thoughts are from past experience.


I don’t have an answer, but I’m glad you asked this question because I usually do a room only with AP discounts, but I am doing the package for free dining this year, and am still deciding about trip insurance too. We are going during hurricane season this year, and if there is any sort of repeat of last year, I want to have the option to cancel,but if it’s the same as the cancellation penalty, why bother? I hope someone has had experience with it and can give some advice


I’ve booked Disney’s insurance, and later regretted it for the exact reason above. I don’t believe Disney insurance covers your airfare [might be wrong on that] and the cancellation policy for room/ticket packages is so liberal it really doesn’t make sense. But it’s not refundable, so, now, I have it anyway!


I had the same thoughts last year when we got a WDW package. The premiums cost as much or more than the cancellation fees. Unless, you flew and the insurance covers non-refundable flights, I didn’t see the point.


I can’t tell you any good or bad experiences with purchasing the insurance, but I never buy it for any of our trips. I have never had an occurence to need it, so I’m just always too cheap to buy it!


I haven’t seen a reason for it either, but I’m just hoping that I’m not missing anything.

Our travel agent sees it as a no-brainer. Can’t understand why I wouldn’t get it!!

For our cruise we purchased it in case something medically happened while we were away and the insurance - supposedly - would cover transportation to a hospital and then back home. I guess that would be covered under “trip interruption”. But just being in Florida I still think we could handle any medical situation through our own health insurance and just deal with the cost of getting back home.


I don’t see the premiums being worth it compared to the penalty charged…but luckily I’ve never needed it either, so maybe I’m not the best to judge.


I know Wish-Upon-A-Star has done a thread, or answered some pretty detailed questions about outside trip insurance. Maybe when she returns from her hiatus she can answer. I do know that a lot of people prefer to buy their own insurance rather than purchase it with the package.


Before I used Mousketrips for my reservations I used to book on line via WDW web site and didn’t notice until later than I had inadvertently purchased Disney insurance and we already had a very good annual insurance policy which covers flights and flight delays etc and also good medical insurance which is very important for us who live outside the USA as medical treatments would be so expensive ( speaking from experience unfortunately)