Trip Itinerary


Day 1 :
Arrive, Magic Kingdom, Hop over to EPCOT, ESPN Club.:mickey: :tongue: :goofybounce: :cheshire: :simba:

Day 2:
Blizard Beach, Majic Kingdom, Toney’s Town square.

Day 3 :
Typhoon Lagoon, EPCOT, Cape May Cafe.

Day 4 :
MGM, EPCOT, Coral Reef.

Day 5 :
Magic Kingdom, 1900 Park Fare.

Day 6 :
A water park, Magic Kingdom, Liberty tree Tavern.

Day 7 :
MGM, Sci-Fi dine In.

Day 8 :
Animal Kingdom , Downtown Disney, Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant.

Day 9 : Were ever our feet will bring us, Wispering Canyon Cafe.

Day 10 : Leaving:crying:

Everything is subject to change other than Dinning. Doe’s this look like a keeper. :blink:


Im so impressed. we havent gotten that far to decide what parks on what days. let me know how you like cape may we had ADRS but just changed them to Mexico DH wanted to eat in the park as we have a quite a few ADRS out of the parks.


We went to Cape May Cafe Christmas time. We really enjoyed it.


I will be ready. I just have to get the picture attachment thing down.


Thank you for posting that :ph34r:
We will be at the Cape May Cafe as well, I just cannot remember which night:ph34r: :ph34r: :tongue:


Sounds great!


looks fine to me. I like your plans.


sounds like a great trip to me!!


Silly question!!

How do you go about planning what to do on each day?

Does it take long? What factors decide on what goes on each day?

I useually decided on the day or at most the day before where we are going!

Do you find that it gives your more time if you plan??

Im intrigued to know what benifits it has over just deciding on the day.

Sorry for the questions, i’m a bit slow sometimes :blink: hehe



No its not silly.

It’s all decided by were we have dinner reservations. :confused:


Its a keeper no negative replies.


I do very similar, but also weigh in EMH parks – either to take advantage of, or to avoid.
Also mix in some park crowd information for good measure.


Nice plans! Enjoy.