Trip June 20 -27th


SHould I start making dinner reservations for a few of the nights we are there?

I dont want to have reservations every night… but just a few.
We have the dining plan and dont want to let it go to waste.

Anyy Suggestions ?


You need to make dining reservations for EVERY night that you’re there if you don’t want it to go to waste! You can always cancel.

Also… do it NOW! Why are you still reading this? :laugh: Seriously, the sooner the better.


Thanks Andrea…
Though I dont know what restaurants are good, yet… or what park we will be attending on what days… and ALL of that mess.
I guess I am a little dis-organized.
I planned on scheduling one or two nice sit down meals on certain days and then just winging it the rest of the days.
The worst thing about attending the parks (not a Disney go-er but a Cedar Point guy) is standing in line or being at a show and worrying about a dinner reservation all day.
I guess its my free -spiritness.
Thank You for your advice though.


From what I’ve heard, since they have introduced the dining plan, ADRs (reservations) are a must. Restaurants are more popular now that they’re more affordable. Combine that with the fact that you will be there after school gets out in most parts of the country, and you MUST make your reservations if you want to get a meal.


Unfortunately, Jonesy, for the week you picked to go, if you really want to enjoy yourself, you’re going to have some sort of plan.

At the VERY least (and I say this as a person who isn’t that much of a plannyplanplanplanner myself), but anyway, at the VERY, VERY least, you’ll need an idea of what parks on what day.

If you don’t want to do that, then make reservations for LATE in the evening, so you can get your fill of the parks…or, EARLY in the afternoon, so you can go BACK to enjoying the parks at will.

Also, because of the VERY busy, VERY hot time of year you’re going, you’ll need to know that the EARLIER you get to the parks the BETTER chance you’ll have of not waiting ALL day for headline attractions.

Oh, and you’ll need to become familiar with the fast pass system, if you’re not already.

Are you traveling with children? If not, then you’ll have a LOT more freedom…

Those restaurants will be BOOKED solid if you don’t make ADR’s soon.

We can help you decide, if you give us some specific goals.

IS there a place you’d really LIKE to try?

IS there a show or ride you MUST see or do?

Is there a park you like better than another?


I agree with what everyone has said here. If you want to have a few nice meals, then I suggest you book them and they build your intinerary around them. You are going to want to have a plan going this time of year or you will be the one standing on the side with a map not knowing what to do next. A little planning never hurt anyone. A few nice places to think about are: Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge, O’hanna at the Polynesian resort, Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort, Artist’s Point at the Wilderness Lodge, Rose and Crown at Epcot, LeCellier at Epcot and last but certainly not least, either Momma’s Melrose or the Brown Derby at MGM sudios. Do yourself a favor and make at least one sit down reservation a day. That will guarantee that you have a nice meal in the nice air condition away from the masses. You aren’t forced to actually go if you change your mind when down there. Just call and cancel if you find something better to do.


Also, the truth is that you’re not that stuck. Like Erin said, it’d be really good for you to decide ahead of time which park you’re going to on which day, and to have a convenient reservation. I suggest the later in the day reservations… because they’re really accomodating if you show up early. You do have a bit of a window.

Have you been to yet and perused the menus?


OK, I am not totally unorganized.
We do have an idea of what parks we plan on going to each day. Im sure this isnt an original idea… but we planned on getting up early and doing the extra magic mornings at whatever park had it that day.
Then around lunch head back to the room. Cool off, nap, jump in the pool. (a suggestion I read on here) We are staying PO- French Quarter.

And then around 6-7 head back to the park that had the late magic hours. Grabbing Dinner somewhere in there.

We do have a Child. He is 7 but mobile and tough and will eat anything. HAH!

Should I just try and schedule something for the parks with late magic hours?

Am I in trouble or what ???


Yes, you’re in deep, deep trouble. :wink:

No, you’re on the right track - you’re here, you’re researching, and you have an idea of what you’d like to do.

Yes, if your plans are to do the EMH parks, then you definitely need to schedule dinner in those places - because, those will be the busiest days for those parks (EMH draws the bigger crowds), that means the restaraunts will fill up fast.

Do you have the dining plan?


I am sorry. I got the wrong impression…lol Your plan sounds great. Just add dining ADr’s to the plan and you will be set. Make them for after your mid day break and then head to the parks for the EMH afterward. You should try for Chef mickey’s at the Contemporary or O’hanna on your MK EMH evening. You can hop the monorail right to the park after dinner.


Thank You.

NOw for the REALLY DUMB question.

Do All the parks have fireworks everynight? Including the Epcot light show?


Welcome Jones!! I will just add that one of my husband’s co-workers went last month, with the dining plan. They had the same idea you did, “make a couple and let the rest flow.” WELL, when they got there he said they spent more time trying to find a restaurant that had openings and by the time they DID find something he said they were so hungry, ended up not liking the restaurants they had to take, and wish they would have made ADRs.

Oh and we NEVER EVER know which parks we are going to which days. We make our ADRs based on park hours, our FAVORITE restuarants, then basically surround our days around that.

It’s ok, don’t feel overwhelmed. You can see all the restauants menus, etc… on which will be REALLY helpful in deciding which restuarants will best suit your party.

Have fun!


AK does not have a firework show.

I don’t think MGM does, either.


Oh, duh. MGM has Fantasmic! Which, isn’t fireworks, per se, but is a night time show (I’ve heard that it’s the best ever!)


OMG, that was CLASSIC. I :heart: Erin.

:tongue: :tongue: :tongue:



Make ADR’s but don’t obsess about it. After all,you’ll be at Disney,right?


Hey Jones,
Welcome to DC! :flowers: Listen to the professionals here! Don’t “panic” but be prepared and be flexible.

We’re going around the same time (June 16-23). It’ll be hot and crowded, but being prepared really helps.

7 yr old boys usually love Whispering Canyon, Sci Fi Dine In, Chef Mickeys, heck, just about anything! :wink:


Thanks for the advice from everyone!

I will be calling today to set some of these up…


Dinner Set up for Brwon Derby, though they couldnt do the Fantasmic Seating.
(I hope we can just walk outside and see it right?)

As well as a Character Dinner @ Liberty Tree.

Thanks Again.


Nope, you don’t just walk outside and see it. It’s in an semi-circle arena type seating and you’ll have to go get seated (up to an hour before show time, if you can’t get the Fantasmic dinner package) – the time you’re going will be busy, maybe check and see if there are two showings of Fantasmic that night and the second show should be less crowded.

You can also see if they’ve got Fantasmic dinner packages available at Mama Melrose or Hollywood & Vine (those, along with Brown Derby, are the three where it’s available). This gets you seating at Fantasmic without having to wait in line or get there super early. Also, the Brown Derby will take two table service credits per person…so be sure that’s okay with you too. The other two options are only one credit each.