Trip over


well,another down and another planned,had great weather and great time,all restaurants were very good,with a special shout out to citicos,via napoli,ohanas,chefs de paris,whispering canyon,cape may…the new castle show is great,i could go on and on but it would be boring…so i will just mention some new concerns,the constant yelling and shouting by cast members,especially during shows has gotten out of hand,one example is taping the ground,well that works well with small crowds,kind of useless with lights out and large crowds,i over heard one guy say he had to come back tonight to refilm the fireworks because when hewent back to view the previous days fireworks it was filled with keepmoving,this walkway is closed ,no stopping,stay to your left etc…one troubling trend and I await comment,is people hawking restaurants,one day as we were getting into MK we were confrontedby a castmember asking us if we were hungry and telling us tony’s was open ,same in frontier land outside with menus,yelling we are open…some new management idea,just bad…another is popup bars,at the studios,one outside the brown derby,that one i could see,but at the entrance to prime time seemed tacky…wonder what walt would have thought…I only mention these because everything else was great,bustransportation was best ever,truly…


I haven’t been to WDW since December 2009, but I don’t seem to recall all this castmember yelling going on then, nor them having ropers for the restaurants. That’s way too intrusive for a Disney theme park, IMHO. i think it’s fine if they want to situate a CM outside the restaurant with menus, to hand them out(if they’re paper) and answer questions, but they shouldn’t be getting into guests’ faces. It sounds overly aggressive.


thats what we thought,because the girl for tonys was placed ,at the walkway by the railroad just as you enter…another thing was disney research was doing surveys on checkout days…well when we checked out,no one was there, so i asked a friend of mine at the resort,he said oh they are gone ,he explained that they try to grab everyone early and once they get 27 done they are gone…my background says that survey results are some what useless…too many variables…too be very accurate…control,atmosphere lost


I don’t think long trip reports are boring at all! I love every little detail =). So if you would like to share more about your trip - I’ll happily read it! I bet I’m not the only one!


Over the years we have seen a lot of CM’s hawking restaurants (especially for lunch). Naturally they want the restaurants full and at quiet times of the year, I would suspect that sit-down restaurants don’t do as thriving a business at lunch. I guess it just never bothered me…


it didn’t bother me,but i have been there for the last 20 years and the hawking restaurants and pop up bars seems out of ordinary and far from the norm


more detailed tr would be nice please… and pictures i have almost six months until we go… Im in Disney withdrawal … that is very upsetting they are acting like that i would have to complain to guest relations if it was done to me… very unclassy… if i want to eat i will ask other wise go away…