Trip Pictures from Feb/March 2005


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South of the Border
Downtown Disney
Blizzard Beach
Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

I will be adding more pictures as I can.


Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


Thanks for sharing your pictures they were wonderful! :redface:


Those are some of the best trip pics I have ever seen…thanks a lot…they made me happy…since next month I get to go!!!


Thanks so much for the pics Jen–I’m having a blast looking at them!! :biggrin:

P.S. Baloo, LOVE the Swiss Family avatar! :wub:


Thanks dznygrl…now that I got the hang of it…I am having fun with avatars!!!


They can be a lot of fun, huh?? :biggrin: Took me forever to figure things out, but when I did I was like, “Wow…” :huh: “…I can make an avatar out of anything!” LOL

BTW sorry didn’t mean to hijack your thread Jen!!


yeah…sorry…I guess it took two to tango on that one…silly us!


Haha…South of the Border…I dont live far from there–yet I’ve never been


great pics…I just love the chip & dale tackle.


I was really sad when I was through!!! Great pictures! Makes me want to go right NOW!


South of the Border… LOL

The more things change, the more things stay the same at South of the Border. :tongue: Actually, it looks pretty freshly painted.

I’ve been there twice… once when I was little, and once when I got married. That was enough for me. Everyone should go once, but that’s plenty. :happy:


Great pictures thanks for sharing!


Great pictures!! I loved the ones with the princesses. Very cute. :slight_smile:


Looks like you got to do/see lots on your trip! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, they were great!


I so enjoyed these pictures. Very cute little girls. Thanks for sharing.


Your Epcot pictures were great!!!

You know, the MGM parade is the only parade in WDW that we haven’t seen. We’re always so rushed when we’re in that park. But this year, we will take the time to stop and watch it. It looks GREAT!!