Trip Plan Help


Hi everyone,
We’re so excited to get to WDW at the end of May, but it will be Memorial Day weekend, so DW and I have been trying to put together a wise trip plan (with the help of DC and our trusty PassPorter) that will, if not avoid, at least minimize the effects of the sizable crowds.

In general, each day we’ll be heading back to WL after lunch for 2yoDS’s nap. Also, DW and I will be on our own several of the evenings while DMiL watches the kids.

Here’s how it stands:

Thursday 5/26
Arrive midday–Check in at WL
Lunch: TBA (perhaps at DTD, Boardwalk, or Polynesian)
Afternoon: Swim at WL (w/ 6yoDS, while 2yoDS naps, hopefully in room)
[DMiL arrives evening (via Quicksilver)]
Dinner: Artist Point (7:15p PS)

Friday 5/27
Magic Kingdom day (EMH)
Breakfast: WC (7:30a PS)
Lunch: TBA (light, in park)
Dinner: CP (5:30p PS)

Saturday 5/28
Animal Kingdom day (EMH)
Breakfast: RF
Lunch: TBA (counter service, in AK)
Dinner: WC (DSs and DMiL, 6:30p PS)
CG (DW and I, 8:00p PS)

Sunday 5/29
Breakfast: Chef Mickey (7:40a PS)
Lunch: Land Food Fair (if open; if not, somewhere in park)
Dinner: Cape May Cafe (6:30p PS)

Monday 5/30
Breakfast: Room
Lunch: 50sPT (12:20p PS)
Dinner: Airport

Here is some of the reasoning about this schedule.
-We want to do MK the first day for sure, and
-we don’t want to finish with AK because we might want to ride Kali River Rapids.
-We assumed that Sundays are the most crowded, and that Epcot is the best park to be in when it’s very crowded (but tell us if we’re wrong!).

A lingering question: Is any given park really a good choice on an EMH day, or does that just make it all the more crowded, making the other parks a better bet?

Thanks for any help!


I think your schedule sounds great. I agree that the best place to be when all the parks are crowded is at Epcot. What a wonderful time you will have to be able to spend time with your family, and then have some alone time with your DW!


The park that has EMH is usually the most crowded or that seems to be a trend anyway. My suggestions to you is this: take advantage of the EMH. Ride everything that you can until lunch time. You should be able to get quite a few attractions in by noon. Take your break as planned and then hop to a different park for the evenings. You are going to love WL…it’s beautiful. Whispering Canyon is a great restaurant and tons of fun. Just have a list of things you cannot miss and hit those attractions first. Whatever you do after will be a bonus. Don’t forget to utilize the evening EMH at the parks. You and your DW can do this if your MIL will be sitting with the kids for you. You can hit the attractions your children are to young to do.


Your plans look great! You have some really good meals planned out, Whispering Canyon Cafe, Chef Mickey’s, and 50’s PT are 3 places we usually hit each trip. Have you tried ESPN at BW? We like to go there for lunch, it usually isn’t crowded so we get in and out fast. After that we hit the bakery for a treat to take back to the room for later.

Have you stayed at WL before? It’s my favorite resort. It is so quiet and peaceful, the perfect place to relax after a busy day in the parks.


Very nice schedule.
I have to agree with Dana on the EMH (am’s anyways), take advantage of it by getting there early, then head out when it gets crowded.


Thanks for the great comments, DisneyFever, Dana, DisneyTeacher, and Buzz! I like the idea of heading to a different park after our midday break, and we know that WL will be a great place to return to (we haven’t stayed there yet, but DW and I have made a point to go to AP every trip since WL opened). Do the concierges/front desks at the resorts get park crowd updates, so that they can suggest the best park each afternoon?

ESPN Club is definitely a major possibility for Thursday lunch, DisneyTeacher; the reason it’s not certain is that we are hoping to get into our room for little DS’s nap (failing that, it will be his stroller–not so comfortable). I’m kind of hoping that they’ll be able to give us a ballpark estimate for when our room will be ready (if it isn’t when we get there, at noon). Is this likely?

Thanks again,


I haven’t stayed concierge so I am not sure about the information they have. I am sure if you ask they will at least try to get you that info.

I am sure the front desk will give you the standard rooms are ready by 3 pm line. You will get a card with a phone number if your room isn’t ready. We just kept calling back until our room was ready, the CM was never able to give us a time. When you check in ask if there are any rooms that are ready and explain you situation. Who knows, you may get lucky and get a room early.


I think it’s all a matter of luck as to whether a room will be ready early or not. This past March when we went we stayed at AS Movies. We arrived at the resort at around 11am and there was a room ready! We were able to unpack the car and get everything put away before my BIL got off the plane! So I guess you just never know!

Not being picky about the room location would help in that regard as well, I would think. Just be willing to take anything that’s available!


Dr. Teeth – your plan sounds great! I’m relaxed just reading it! And your little ones will have a great time with Grandma on those evenings that you and DW get some alone time. Enjoy!!


You’re going to have a fabulous time. However, as far as Epcot being the least crowded on busy days, I really think that applies only to World Showcase and not Future World. I was in Epcot 2 weeks ago during Easter Break and Mission:Space had 110 min wait, while World Showcase was a ghost town.


I know how you feel, Dr. Teeth.
My family goes up the same weekend!
But I only stay 3 days and 2 nights, so the only real advice I can give is to stay in the theme park that’s open the longest after the parades and fireworks. It will be a ghost town.


We are arriving the same day you are!!! Your plans look great! My fav resort is WL…you are going to love it!


ps. Star Wars Weekend will be going on at Disney/MGM studios while you are there. If you have any interest in Star Wars, it is a really cool event! You might want to add a couple hours at Disney Studios during your weekend to check this event out!


I agree with this, even as the slowest park during peak times you can find long lines in Future World.


Great advice, all around, and thanks Bali for starting the crowd-avoidance tips thread:

The Star Wars stuff will be fun for DW and me–my kids are a little young to have discovered it. And, against all odds, DW and I are actually excited about Episode III after seeing the amazing trailer (darn that George Lucas :fork_off: , just when I decide to get out, he keeps pulling me back in!). Maybe they’ll have some fun events in the evenings that DW and I can get to.