Trip planning advice!


We’re looking to book a trip to WDW in early March – but here’s our problem!

We’re trying to get the best offer possible without spending too much. Even with Disney’s current Buy 5 Get 2 Free for Value resorts, the trip would still cost us more than we have paid in the past because we would still need airfare and the Dining Plan. I almost want to wait and see if Disney will again offer the FREE $500 gift card or Free Dining in March. I’m afraid if let this current offer go, we may not get a better one and it’ll cost us MORE in the end! I’m also hoping for a Pin Code any day now! :glare:

What do you think we should do? Any idea on future offers for 2010?


I would start with doing the math and comparing things:
5 + 2 what would you save vs. free dining (which is not guaranteed) and what you would save.

Start here to get there.


What Boss said, but you could take a chance and wait to see if anything else better comes out.

A friend from work said she heard that WDW has discount rates for Christmas week at the values which I had always though to be impossible. With the way things are going with the economy I think anything would be possible discount wise. So for the time you want to go in March, if bookings are down they may come up with some more incentives to get people to go

Of course the one thing you mentioned that you is to get plane tickets. You almost always get better deal with getting tickets in advance.


Hi Phil, I know the plan your talking about from this past Spring. We went in March and got buy 4 get 3 free at a mod., but it wasn’t a $500 G/C I think it was either $200 or $300 gift card. We actually didn’t even the gift card because our travel agent book the package wrong:mad:.
The following week we came home the free dining was offered.
I figure I’ll get a pin (when I can actually use it) the same day money grows on trees:laugh::laugh:
I know the dining plan rates have slightly gone up, so that’s something to figure in too, if you decide to wait for the free dining plan.

Also another good trick to save money is flying on tue. or wed. WAY cheaper than a weekend–on Southwest, not sure about other carriers.
Good Luck!


You could back off from the regular dining plan and go for the counter service plan.
That gives you 2 counter meals a day and 2 snacks which almost can be made into a breakfast. There are some really good walk up places that offer a wide variety of dishes.
That alone would be a savings of $10 per adult (or child over 10) plus you won’t be obligated to an 18% tip premium, which would translate to an easy $14 or more depending on the meal. Lame math brings me to a savings of about $238 savings for 2 adults if you go that route.
Meanwhile, regardless of whatever rates or offers become available in the future, I would make a room only reservation for your resort and room category of choice now.


Wow, really? I can just upgrade to a package? I think we will do that then!

And tinker2222, we almost always fly during the week. Prices can be scary at times during the weekend!


I almost always book room only and then wait until about 4 days before arrival to add any dining plan. This way, I don’t have to pay the full amount until just before arrival instead of having to pay in full 45 days out.