Trip planning help, please


:eek: We will be at the World Sept. 26 - Oct 4 . I’m trying to plan for our ADR’s and am having a difficult time this trip. Does anyone else have trips that bridge 2 months? I’m not sure what to do for the 3 days in Oct. that we will be there. We try to go to the park that hasEMH for the night. This will also be our first experience with free dining so I’m a little nervous. Thanks guys for any advice!:heart:


That happened to us this year and it was a real pain waiting for park hours. I finally got tired of waiting and booked something hoping it would work for us. I’m happy we didn’t have a long trip or a once in a lifetime type trip, I would have been much more upset.

Book what you think might work so you have something to fall back on then try to change it once the hours come out. Maybe try a late breakfast as your big meal of the day or a later lunch if you have hoppers and can change parks during the day. We usually take a break in the afternoon so that helps me plan because we aren’t locked into one park every day.


Actually, I find the EMH parks very busy. I go away from them if possible. But I would get some ADRs first then change if necessary.


We make an ADR for two meals a day – usually dinner is one of them – and I spread them out among the parks and resorts so we have lots of flexibility. Then if we decide not to use some of them, we cancel when we get there.
You can even cancel an ADR from any phone in the parks – hop into a shop and ask them to call and cancel for you.


My October trip will extend into November, and I’m not waiting for park hours to be posted. We are very flexible and don’t rely on park hours to make ADRs anyway. I really do it the other way around.


I guess we do things completely opposite. We don’t plan our vacate around meals, with the exception of very few ADR’s, we plan our meals around our vacate. No mass scheduling! That’s what we’re taking a break from. Parades-sure, there’s only “1” so be there then, but many, many restaurants to choose from and if we go to one and it’s too full we leave and go to another. But then we don’t go in peak season either so it’s feasible. Never had a problem so far, knock knock! We never book anything at Epcot. Always just snack at each tent from all the extra countries visiting + the chef shows too(booking exception). Like to make most character meals/ressie’s outside of the park in hotels if possible so not to waste park time watching everyone else going to the fun stuff. But this is what work’s for us. May not for everyone.
If it were me and wanted to book, i’d book the first 5 days then wing the rest. If it turns out, great. If not then hey your on vacate and it’s only food.


I am with Mickeybug. Plan your days, then your ADR’s. If it works out that you are in the right place at the right time, GREAT!!! If not, take a little ride to your ADR. Remember, you are at the World :slight_smile:


Our dinners happen after parks close more often than not.
I do plan around fireworks. It does help that Illuminations is always at 9. The exception has always been that between Thanksgiving and Dec 30 it is 9:30. There is a new wrinkle this year. Fridays, which is the EMH night comes the fall, Epcot will close at 8 with Illuminations being performed at 8 followed by the EMH closing at 11 PM.
AK is never open that late and there is no evening entertainment.
If you know this much, you’re already ahead of the game in planning.


the EMH schedule stays the same for that time of year. Just go by Spetember’s schedule.


Thanks guys, we don’t have hopper passes this time around and had booked MNSSHP on the 29th. We plan our meals because I’m a brittle diabetic and try to eat within a 2 hour window, if I go beyond that I’ll have problems duringthe night. We also have no experience with the free dining and were a little worried.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;966816]We make an ADR for two meals a day – usually dinner is one of them – and I spread them out among the parks and resorts so we have lots of flexibility. Then if we decide not to use some of them, we cancel when we get there.
You can even cancel an ADR from any phone in the parks – hop into a shop and ask them to call and cancel for you.[/QUOTE]

I never knew you could go into a shop and have them cancel your ADR. Thanks for posting that. I hate to jump on my cell and wait on hold to cancel so this is great news.


I’m not so sure about shops, but you can make and cancel reservations at any restaurant on property for any other restaurant that’s part of the system.


Thats really good to know. Now that I know that I think Im going to make ADRs to what I think we are going to do since the hours are still pending and worse case is just cancel and wing it.


Thanks I didn’t realize that, I thought after summerthat the hours would change. I was especially looking for AK, the last one posted was for Sept. 25.


Me too! That is super good to know!


What I usually do is make a rough plan on what park we will be and go from there… I admit I make a lot of early breakfasts at resorts like Chef Mickey’s, Cafe May’s or Breakfast with Lilo & Stitch and then make a later dinner ressie. For us it gives us lots of flexible time in between to do what ever we want…My only tip is not to go overboard on ressies…Plan with some action in mind as I put it!! LOL…


We are also going from Sept - Oct. I just planned two TS for earlier in the vaca (one Breakfast and one Dinner) and then for the October part we will use the to QS credits for Lunch and Dinner and eat breakfast in the room. Mind you we only have 2 Oct days to worry about


I’ve yet to make my own ADR’s, my turn comes in January '10. :blink:

BUT…I do know FIL plans the ADR’s and then we kind of work around them. 1t day there is HS, we check in, head out to the Sci Fi Dinner Theatre for a nice sit down lunch and then hit the parks. He usually plans only 1 sit down and we wing it the rest of the time. We usually split up and each group has a cell phone, when it gets close to our time we call each other to find out who is close. The closest group checks in and we of course end up waiting for our turn.

How I’m planning is to take a lesson from FIL on the 1st day thing. Sci Fi Dinner Theatre and then from there 1 sit down a day, a CS will be at the hotel for dinner. I plan on slipping the kids some Toaster Strudels or something depending on our hotel. They are not big breakfast eaters unless it’s like 10 am and forget that. My rear is going to ahve been on 2 or 3 rides by 10 am. lol

There isn’t as much at HS as MK for us, as my kids are all under 9 yrs old. so missing the AM at HS isn’t a biggie to us.

So far I plan on SciFiDT at HS, Crystal Palace at MK, and from there, I dunno. :confused: I do know we’re skipping AK so far. Dh would rather hit MK 2 or 3 days lol.


:laugh: Well, we went through Kingdom Kunsultants this time around, our agent Tammy will be making our reservations which will be a first for us! I’ve always made the ressies myself. I e-mailed her a list of places we would like and we’ll see on June 28!!! :eek:


I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t think I could give up that control. I have to call myself to make sure I get what I want. :blush::laugh: