Trip Report - Answers to the Questions


First off, I apoligize for posting in the wrong forum earlier.

I think it was Dana that asked about Splash Mountain, Tom Sawyers Island, Tiki birds and jungle cruise. Splash Mountain…forget it. I personally have a phobia about log flumes. Weird…I know. We never go to Tom Sawyers Island for some reason. No idea why. Passed on the Tiki Birds. Havent been in there since I was a kid. My sil said it was pretty dark inside so I didnt want to bring ds in. But we did go on the Jungle Cruise. Forgot to add it to the report. It was great. The guide we had had alot of good lines that I think most people missed. I.E. when we entered the cave he said we were going into “Shirley’s Temple”. Then as we entered he started to sing the song that Willy Wonka sang when they were on that crazy boat ride where they see all those wacky images. I am a total Wonka fan so I loved that. Mom and I were hysterical. I had told my mom about the native saying “I love disco”. She didnt believe me until we went by it and she heard him say it herself.

I have to finish up the roll of film for the pictures. I have a photopass of ds with characters but havent had a chance to look at it yet. If they are cute I will ask if anyone wants to see them and if so will email the link/code.

Anyone who is going in the near future…the weather should be great!


no, it was me that asked…:sleep:


Cara -
No worries on the mistake. mickey can move it to trip reports when he gets a minute…I can’t wait to see all your pictures!