Trip Report-Better Late than Never "Disney's Blessed Curse"


OK in June/July of 07’ we went to Disney World with our then 6 yr old boy and then 4 yr old boy.

Our 6 yr old we could swear was going to be a politician, preacher, or some other proffession with alot of people interaction b/c since birth he has NEVER met a stranger. Our 4 yr old was always content to let his older brother do the talking. In fact, only we his immediate family had actually heard him speak complete sentences as he usually just nodded or shyed away from EVERYONE else. He was COMPLETELY silent to 99% of the people he met. We worried alot about him.

Well, our first table service meal was about 6 hrs after we pulled up at DW at Liberty Tavern and he was content but extremely quiet as usual UNTIL…Until he saw Chip and Dale. He pointed and we told him to wait they would be by. As soon as they approached our table he got out of his seat and embraced them with everything he had. He turned to us and said “Its Chip and Dale” We thought he had slipped b/c our server was standing there and he DID NOT speak at all in front of strangers. Then the server patted him on the back and said “It sure is Chip and Dale”…and w/o thinking he says “Yep” to the server.

And so, with that he spoke with every character and every CM for the whole week. He speaks with almost everyone he sees now…and has since that day.

BTW, Chip and Dale have become our FAVORITE disney characters and always will…and the pics we took with him and Chip and Dale after that event will always be special.


Absolutely fabulous story!


What a great memory - Disney’s magic was in full force!!

Thank you for sharing your story!


Great story, Chip and Dale have been favorites for my little guy forever!


That is a nice story:wub: My daughter also loves Chip and Dale, and always hugs them with all her might:happy:


The magic of Disney…great story. Thanks for sharing it.


Great story, thanks for sharing it with us.


A little off-topic, but I have a guilty confession:

I love Mac and Tosh, the crazy little gophers from Warner Bros. better than I love Chip and Dale. I always thought they were chipmunks too…

So sue me…


Awwww! How cute!


What a great story and thanks for sharing


Storys like this just make me misty for WDW