Trip Report - Day 2


Day two starts with a wake-up call at 6:30am. I actually didnt need a wake-up call because I was up almost all night. The bed was hard as a rock! But dh and ds both slept well so that was good. After getting up I made the calls to the other rooms the rest of the family were in. Then I called the front desk to see if they had a foam mattress cover for the beds. They said they would take care of it. They also had to adjust the fridge because it wasnt as cold as it could be. Unbelievably we all were ready by 7:30am and on our way to the bus depot to MK. We had a CP reservation for 8:20am. I had been looking forward to this … being in MK before it opened when it was empty. Got to MK and as expected…very few people around. It was too cool! I had just enough time to take a quick picture of Main Street empty. Had only a few minutes to wait at CP before we were seated. Immediately Piglet came over the the kids were so excited. The 1 yr old was laughing and just loved it. The two yr old was scared and my ds was taking pictures with his camera and hugging Piglet. After that we met our waiter, Tony. He gave us the drill about the buffet and away we went. Dh and my dad were in heaven. They ate and ate and ate. I had the children’s breakfest pizza, cantelope, and the lasagna I heard so much about. I also had the potato casserole which I loved!! Didnt care for the lasagna though. Ds had a bite of eggs but didnt care for them. He ended up with toast and bacon. But dh made up for what he didnt eat. The characters seemed to by-pass our table and finally I had had it…I complained to the waiter 3x times. For the price we expected character interaction. So with that, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet appeared. They stuck around our table about 10-15 minutes. Shortly after when we were leaving the music started and the characters marched around the restaurant. Very cute. The bill came to about $70 plus extra tip for the waiter. Kinda pricey and not something I would do every trip but it was fun.

Then we headed out to Fantasyland. The lines were very short and the weather was hot but not blistering. Did Dumbo, Small World, and the Carousel pretty quickly. DS gave me a hard time about Pooh so we waited for everyone outside. We made our way around the park…Ds did Alladin 2x, racing cars 2x, we did Pirates, went to toontown and got autographs, toured the houses, played in the boat, had a snack, browsed the shops, etc. Had lunch at Cosmic Ray’s which was typical park food. Not a big deal. Afterwards we convinced ds to go on Pooh while everyone else went to Buzz. Got him on the ride and he loved it. Later in the day we went to the shooting gallery which Ds also loved. About 4pm we were all hot and sweaty so decided to go to the hotel for awhile. Took showers then went to dinner at the counter service. Some people liked it - the roasted chicken was good from what I heard…but others didnt - dh didnt care for the marinara sauce on the pasta. After dinner the family all decided to go to MK for the fireworks but dh and I decided to hang-out at the hotel. We went to the arcade with ds for about 1.5 hrs. Had fun…then went and had a character drawing done of ds. He even had the artist add our one-eyed rottweiler to the picture. It is of ds playing ps2 on the floor with the dog. It was very cute and looks alot like him. After that we browsed the gift store then went to the room to relax. Went to bed about 10:30pm or so. Wake-up call for sunday would be 6:30am.

Oh, I wanted to note they did work on the fridge and when we got back the gatorade was actually slushy…lol And I think they put an extra mattress cover on the bed. It wasnt foam but the bed was alot softer then it had been. Housekeeping also left a very cute towel bunny in a scene with Ds’s other toys on the bed.