Trip Report - Day 3


Wake-up call…6:30am. Had a good night’s sleep thanks to mousekeeping and the mattress pad/cover. Again, made the phone calls to the others and by 7:30 or so we were all meeting to go to breakfest at the hotel. I decided to skip eatting and ds had cinammon toast with bacon. Dh had the normal egg combo breakfest. Everything seemed good. Then we all piled into our cars and left disney property to go to Sea World.

Once in Sea World we found out that certain areas did not open until 10am. So we headed over to the stingray tank. Ds was very impressed that his mommy touched the stingrays without getting stung or “getting dead” (as he puts it). He refused to touch them due to the Croc Hunter death. Then we made our way over to the dolphin tank. Couldnt get a dolphin to come close enough to touch. A little disappointing. My bil though got a dolphin to play ball with him for awhile though. Then we headed over to see the Penguins. Always fun to watch them. Got good video of them as well. Then off to the Seal show. Ds hates clowns…he had his eye on that mime from the time we got there until the show started. He didnt want him anywhere near him. Once the show started Ds and the other kids enjoyed themselves. Ds liked the big Walrus…Winston and a part when the performer lost his pants coming out of the water. By this time it had gotten really hot and we all were thinking about jumping in the tank. The day progressed and we caught the Dolphin show, Believe show with Shamu, the Polar Bears, Hospitality center for beer, and of course the Carnival game area. Spent some money there but walked away with a stuffed penguin, shamu, 2 polar bears and scooby doo. Lunch was okay…again, typical park food. We ate in this place that had a piano player that took requests. Then after lunch we caught the Pets Ahoy show which was really cute. About 4pm we decided we had enough of the heat and of Sea World so we headed back to POR. The plan was to take showers and head over to MK for dinner. We also had to pick up bakery cookies for the ride home the next day…this is a tradition. By the time we got to MK the restaurants were closing. It was the extra hours night and only a few places were open. We wanted to eat at the Plaza Restaurant but they were closed. We did get our cookies though. Then we headed to Gippato’s but they were closed. Ended up eatting at Cosmic Ray’s again. While we ate we saw a little of the fireworks show. Then we let ds pick the rides he wanted to go on again. There were only a few because he was dead tired by this time. He had not taken one nap the entire weekend. He normally doesnt nap but with the running around we hoped he would. We went on Dumbo while grandparents had ice cream. Then we did Small World and Alladin. Then we went to Pirates so the grandparents could go on it. Dh stayed with ds and we were gone 5 minutes when ds fell asleep in his stroller. After Pirates we wondered around a bit, then went to Thunder Mountain. Dh and my mom went on while dad and I stayed with the stroller. By this time it was about 10:20pm and the park closed at 11pm. After they got off Thunder Mountain we decided to go back to the hotel to try and beat the bus crowds. Didnt happen. Had to wait about 25-30 minutes to get on the bus and it was standing room only. There were a couple of men - not even elderly men - sitting down and not one offered to let dh (who was holding a 45 pound sleeping child) have the seat. I thought that was undisney-like. Got back to the room about 11:40pm and went to bed.

No wake-up call for Monday…!!