Trip Report delay


Hi folks. I have like over 300 pics to share with ya’ll. We had a great vacation last week, stayed at the Contemporary. However, my husband started to complain of a severe headache while we were there. Once I drove 26 hrs to get us home (long story), it usually only takes 19 hrs … My hubby had a bad tooth removed on Sunday. On Monday morning, I found him unresponsive. He is in ICU at the hospital now, due to have brain surgery on Friday to remove a mass in his brain. The doctors think it’s an abscess, not a tumor, which is good news. He’s doing better today than he was on Monday. He thinks today is next week Monday though, so he’s still showing signs of confusion. My neighbors are helping watch the kids, my church is bringing us dinners, and I’m able to be at the hospital a lot with my husband. Lift up some prayers for him, if you will, his surgery is Friday at 7:30 a.m. CST. I hear it’s going to take hours.

I’m tired. Pray I don’t get sick. I can’t wait to share our trip report with ya’ll. It was a magical week. :wub:


OMG… lots of Pixie dust for you, your family, and your husband. Hope he gets well soon.


Oh how scary! Prayers and pixie dust that your DH has a full recovery. I love that you are still so positive about your magical trip. If we were going through the same thing with my DH, my Disney trip would be almost forgotten. Well, maybe. :happy: Hang in there and good luck on Friday.


Pamzee- sending everything positive your way- and wishing your DH all the very best of luck for Friday


Thats scary going to the dentist today for bad tooth.


Oh my gosh, how scary for all of you. Take care of your family and you’re in my prayers.


My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care & take all the help that’s offered.


How scary that must be for all of you. Pixie dust and prayers for a speedy and full recovery for your dh and a BIG ((((HUG)))) for you and the kids.


How scary this must all be. Prayers and Pixie dust for you and your family.


OMG!!! Sending lots of pixie dust and prayers


I am SO thankful that you made it home before things really got scary! I will say a prayer for you.


OMG! My prayers are with you all. Thank God you made it home safe and he made it home for surgery. Keep us posted on how he is doing!


OMG!!! I will be thinking and praying for your family!!! And sending a lot of pixie dust!!


Prayers and Pixie dust for your family.


Take care of your teeth! It was apparently the infected tooth that spread the infection into his brain! You don’t avoid the dentist, teeth are VERY important to overal health! I hope it went well today!


I am thinking of you! Hopes for a speedy recovery for your husband. Thank goodness we go to the dentist regularly.


I went to the dentist and they did pull the tooth and it was abcessed.I know that good dental hygenine is important I however have a fear of dentist. So it is very hard to get me to go. I hope your husband is doing good he is in my prayers.


Sending pixie dust and positive thoughts ~~~~*~


OMG!!! Scary that had to happen far away from home and ruin your trip! I hope all goes well and will keep you and your family in my prayers


You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted when you can. Get as much rest as you can too.