Trip report for 12.02 thru 12/8


Here is our trip report.

Myself – 63
DW – 60
DD – 38
DSIL – 50

We left home on the 1st of Dec and stayed over night at my DD place. On the 2nd we left BWI at 7AM and arrived at Orlando airport at 9 AM. Hopped the Magical Express and was in the room at Riverside by 10 AM.

Headed to DTD by bus to do our window shopping and lunch since our DD and her husband wouldn’t be in until 5PM. Looked around the store to figure out what to get for xmas and then headed to the Earl of Sandwich for lunch. DTD was packed. The parks were also busy for the first week of Dec, but this might have been because all the cheerleading team there. After a somewhat bland meal for Earl, which is the first time that has happened, the original sandwich 1762 had no real taste to it. We should have stayed with Earl Club.

After finding everything we wanted to get later in the week we headed back to Riverside (I still can’t get use to calling it that. It still Dixie Landing to me).

The kids got in and into their room next to ours. Then we were off to Epcot for Dinner at ADR for 7:30 PM at the Chefs De France. This was the first time for DSIL to eat there. DW, DD and I ate there the last time the 4 of us were at WDW. The food was delicious I had the Short Beef Ribs, DW had the Gratin de macaroni, DD the salmon, and DSIL had the chicken. After the meal we left in time to see Illuminations. This was the first time that Peter had seen this also. He was really impressed by the amount of fireworks. After the show we headed back to Riverside for a nightcap and to catch up on the past year of things.

Thursday morning we headed out to Mk for and breakfast at Crystal Palace. Very enjoying and filling breakfast. We always eat here for the first breakfast. After breakfast it off to the rides. Like I said before it was very busy. But we did hit all the rides we wanted and only had to get a fast pass for Space Mountain. The ride is a bit smoother and there are some major changes in the décor and launch station but the ride is still not two beside each other and the music isn’t there like Disneyland.

We then went hotel hopping to see the xmas decorations at the three monorail hotels. We had to pick up some gingerbread at the Grand Floridian. By the time we were done it was after 7PM and we headed back to riverside for a quick bite to eat at the food court. We then headed to the lounge for some drinks and to talk about what we were going to do the next day.

Friday morning we got up and had breakfast at the food court and then headed off to AK. It was raining but that didn’t put us off to much it wasn’t yet a downpour. Once at AK we headed for the Safari and then to the trail. By the time we finished the trail it was coming down. We then headed for the tigers and that trail. Then it was off to Expedition Everest. We figure it would be a long wait but since it was raining we walked right on it. The ride is so much fun, it better than any other roller coaster in any of the parks.

After that it really started to downpour so we left the park and headed for AKL for a late lunch at Sannaa. This is the dining room for the DVC and we found it by shear luck. We got off at the wrong stop. I have to say that this is the kept place to eat at WDW. We just walked up and got in about 5 mins. The dining room looked out at the savannah so you can watch the animals. Even through it was raining hard the animals were out grazing still. The dining room is one level down from the main lobby. You can take the elevator or stairs that look out over the savannah. The meal was excellent. I had the pork chop, Mary had the short beef ribs, Peter the chicken and shrimp and Kathe had the lamb. We also had the breads and dips. I highly suggest the mango sauce for the breads. The others sauces were salty. By the time we left 2 hours later we were very stuffed.

From here we went to see the xmas decorations at the Wilderness Lodge. The tree was awesome and then looked around the place. Mary and I haven’t been there for several years but we plan on staying there the next time we go. It was then back to Riverside and change clothes and shoes. We then headed down to the River Roost for the nightly entertainment. The show was fun and all the audience joined in on the fun from sing Christmas songs to old favorites. Even the small kids got into the act and had fun.

Saturday we had breakfast again at Riverside Mill and then off to Epcot. We stop first to grab a fast pass for Soarin. Neither DD or DSIL had riden this before. Then they wanted to do the Living with the land. We hadn’t done that for a few years and not since they took the CM’s off the boat. Not much has changed there. From here we went to see Figment and took some time to play with the e-mail pictures. Then off to Test Track. It took us about 40 mins to get thru the line. The ride needs to be a little longer when you wait that long. We skipped Mission Space. Both DD and DSIL got sick the last time they went on it so no go this time. Then we went over to Italy for a late lunch. The food is better now than it was when it was Alfreddo.

I had the Funghi for an appetizer followed by Farfella and for dessert the Gelati, DW had the Spaghetti pomodoro, DD had Gnocchi Verdi Grataniti and for dessert Cinnamon Ricotta Cheesecake, while DSIL had Salmone al Forno and for dessert he also had the Cinnamon Ricotta Cheesecake.

After that we headed back to Soarin. DD and DSIL loved this ride. Then off to Living with the Sea. Spent a good hour here, enjoy the clam shell ride, but miss the stuff as you first enter the ride. Then we walked around the World and stopped for some drinks at England. Then we headed to the Disney studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Each time we see these lights they are different. The place was packed. After that back to the hotel and a few nightcaps.

Sunday were again had breakfast at Mill at the resort. Then off to Disney Studio. We got there around 9:45 and the fast pass for Toy Story Midway Mania was already to 6:05 so we headed for Tower of Terror. It had a 15 min wait time so we hopped in line. We all enjoy this ride because you never know how many times it will drop you. This time we got a sufficient amount of free floating since it dropped us 6 times. From here we decided to go back to Toy Story and see what the wait time was now. It was 90 mins when we first got there and now it was just 60 mins. So we hopped in line. By the way when we hopped in line the fast passes were all gone for the day. We all don’t enjoy standing in line for a short ride but once we rode the ride and had a ball we all agree that the wait was well worth it. I feel that this ride will be packed for a long time to come. Our DD beat us all in the game score. After this we took a walk up to watch the High School Musical and have something to eat and drink. Walk around a little and decided to head for some miniature golf. While on the boat over to play golf, we were discussing where to eat for dinner and a lovely women suggested Germany and even call on her phone for the ADR.

DD and DSIL never played the Fairway course. We had so much fun even if DW did beat us all badly. I glad no pro was watching her because you would now be seeing some pretty odd stances from the pro’s while they are putting, but they worked for her. Then we headed for American adventure. We missed the show time so we sat down and had a beer before dinner at Germany.

DW and I ate there years ago and weren’t impressed with the food but again I was surprised by the quality of variety this time. DSIL and I are sausage lover so we were in 7th heaven. The ladies found many item that they enjoyed and their Christmas show was very good. After eating we strolled around the the world and headed to the hotel when we saw that test track had only a 5 min wait time so off we went again on the ride.

Then back to the hotel. Since the kids were going home early Monday morning and it was late we said our good byes to them and headed to our room. They stopped at the lounge for a night cap and a snack.

Monday morning we got up and had breakfast at the Mill then off to DTD to finish up shopping. We just love the boat ride down. We finished up our DTD shopping and took the boat back and then headed for EPCOT. We stop to pick up fast passes at soaring. They were for 3:30PM not bad for 12PM time. We then headed for China to shop for jewelry for xmas stockings. Then on to American Adventure. Had a small wait and had a snack and beer at the Liberty Inn. After watching the singers and the show (which is a little different then the last time we saw it) we head over to Soar in and rode that again.

Then back to the resort for a little nap. Something we usually do each day but didn’t manage to do it this time. After the nap it was time to have dinner and we had ADR’s for 6:30 at Boatwright’s. We both had the Prime Ribs (medium done) and the individual apple pie. We decide to call it a day picked up some beer at the store and headed to our room to pack.

Tuesday morning it back to the mill of breakfast and then the boat ride to DTD. Walked around for awhile to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Sat down and had a beer while watch the cheerleading on the stage then back to the resort to caught the bus back. Magical express back to the airport and then off to BWI and 37 degrees weather.

We had a great time there even if the crowd was larger than expected, but the biggest thing I have to say is that the kids and their parents need a big lesson on how to control the kids. It seem that each time we go down there people are ruder than the time before. It may be just us 4 but I don’t think so.


thanks for sharing


We were there at the same time. I was shocked at how busy it was for that time. Usually the crowds are very low- I guess someone let the secret out!