Trip Report Nov. 1 Saturday thru Nov. 7th


We drove to Hartford, discovering that our youngest member of the group had not done her banking. Well, live and learn. Then I managed to jump out of the car at the Executive valet parking lot without taking my cell phone from the charger. Again, oh well live and learn.

We arrived at the Terra Verde villa, much impressed with the place. Would recommend it. The traffi.c was light, and when we unpacked we realized that no one packed a lap top. So, we were all safe and sound, and the Walmart shopping trip was as expected.

Our first morning, I drove Joe, Tim, and Cara over to Universal and then Tiffany and I headed for Epcot. The crowds were light, and it was cold, grey and threatening to rain. What else to do but head to Soarin’! It was great!! Loved the art work.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around World Showcase and had lunch at Resteraunt Merekkesh. Big portions! the prices are now around 12 dollars for the lunch combos. Tiffany took lots of pics, I’ll try to upload some.


During the day, I got a call from Cara at Universal. APPARENTLY she forgot to take the confirmation number to get the 3 parks for a week @ 99 dollars. So, that means no wet n wild for us. But, she was helped quickly anyway, and within a few minutes they called us on Tiffany’s cell and said they were doing universal and islands of adventure.

Anyway, back to us at Epcot. We got through all the rides and were pretty much pooped by 4 pm so we headed over to Universal and picked up the 3 musketeers (joe tim and cara) and headed home.

(Now, sometimes in November it’s warm…not this time. I really wish I had asked for the pool heat when I booked a year ago.) We had a nice homecooked meal at the villa and then everyone crashed around 7:30 pm.


More World Showcase and Epcot pics:


Monday: I can’t explain it but I woke up in the middle of the night every time, so on Monday I was up at 3 am, ate something and watched Weather channel. It looks different on the stations in Orlando compared to ours here in Norwich CT… napped again and then we all got up and headed out @ 8:30am. Three musketeers were dropped off at Uni again… etc etc.

Today was going to be a water park day BUT somehow it was grey and rainy and cold again, IMAGINE THAT!!!??! So we did Animal Kingdom and for a few hours the sun came out.

Tiffany loved this park and with the Asia exhibit open, I am now totally in love with it also. We headed for Kilimanjaro Rapids first thing and proceeded to get soaked. Not so good of an idea. If you have small kids who don’t like to get wet and cold, don’t take them on this without the poncho. ‘Juss sayin’. The live monkeys and tigers were gorgeous, too. I had to skip the bat exhibit. Notmy cup of tea.

We took loads of pics and then headed to the Yeti rollercoaster, what a blast! Just walking thru the line and seeing all the staging was much MUCH fun. It ws over with too quickly, I think. =)


More Asia animal Kingdom pics:


Tuesday: day off

We did some more shopping at Target and Walmart, but skipped parks this day. I contacted the property manager for our villa and he came and turned the pool heat on. Basically a lazy day, and in the evening we watched the polling results before conking out in bed early.


Wednesday: Hollywood Studios!!!

Soo excited to go visit the studios, can ya tell? :wink: We found that the park was open until 8 pm, so Tiffany and I got there around 11 am after dropping the 3 Musketeers off, and headed to Star Tours. She didn’t remember it from her last time visiting many years ago, so she really enjoyed rediscovering it. Took alot of pics and video of the waiting line attractions. Then we headed over to Muppet Theater 3 D which I totally adore. Herm De Derm it was fun! And how adorable are the little kids reaching up to catch the bubbles?!

The sun never came out that day, and I found that as much as I love love LOVE the rides in this park, I just couldn’t really say that I had a fab time, even on Tower of Terror, and I know that’s just me. so, live and learn, I need to go to WDW in the warmer months if and when I go.


I know I’ve read several disappointed remarks about the ABC Commisary, but when we walked by there were short lines so we just went ahead and ordered lunch. I got the curry chicken and a beer, super delish! People stopped by the table and asked me if it was good, so I told them yes and then pretended to guard my plate… hehe!

More Hollywood Studios pics:


Ok kiddos, that’s it for now. I’ll post more tonight. Gotta get back to the normal routine!


Probably because Orlando’s is missing the white patches indicating snow! :laugh:


I have stayed at a Villa each time we go as our 3 kids don’t do well in one bedroom or a small suite hotel room. It is just more cost affective.
It looks like you had a good time so far.


Great pics. Looks like a blast! Looking foward to more



The sun never came out that day, and I found that as much as I love love LOVE the rides in this park, I just couldn’t really say that I had a fab time, even on Tower of Terror, and I know that’s just me. so, live and learn, I need to go to WDW in the warmer months if and when I go.[/QUOTE]

That’s SO funny, we’re the COMPLETE opposite. Everytime we go it’s always too warm, even when we just went Oct 8th-15th. Every single time Daniel says, “UHHH, why can we NEVER be here when they have a cold front & it be 50 degrees during the day?” :laugh: One year the day after Thanksgiving we went and it actually WAS chilly, we were happy as clams; out from about 7am-midnight non-stop. I just feel more alive & awake when it’s cooler out.

Great pics, can’t wait to see the rest!


It was cold, that’s very surprising especially in Orlando, I just hope its not cold when we go in 2 weeks. So, how cold was it? I am trying to decide what I need to pack Next Friday!


Donaldschick: on the tram, and basically anywhere out in the open, we needed sweaters. Also, in our villa the floors are all tile, and when we got up in the morning, we NEEDED our slippers, and a blanket to curl up with on the couch.


This is awful, I hope its not cold when we go, maybe I should pack some jeans and sweatshirts just in case. What do u think?


I love the look of that house! What luxury!


Great TR can’t wait for more


donaldschick: yes, do, and then if you don’t need them it will be something to laugh about. =)

thanks for the nice compliments everyone! So, onto more about the trip!


More about Wednesday at Hollywood Studios: Did I mention that Tiffany had forgotten to charge her cell phone and the 3 musketeers inadvertantly wound up waiting for us at the guest pickup over in Universal for 2 HOURS? Oy vey. I felt so bad when I learned that they sat there in the cold greyness waiting to get picked up, but to their credit, they didn’t even complain or try to make us feel guilty at all. It was a good thing I got them alot of nice little items from the Aerosmith roller coaster gift shop. If I had been left for two hours I would have been really irked. So irked that I’d have to get even. Maybe I’d spike their drink with native american horse laxative and call them Running Shoe. But it wasn’t me and we all got along pretty well. Until Thursday.

We headed home, and played in the warm, cozy pool that night. Ok, so maybe the bottle of wine I had helped the pool feel cozy, maybe not. Haha! However it happened, we had fun splashing around, the girls and I. The boys Joe and Tim preferred to go to the Terra Verde Clubhouse and play pool and video games. Admittedly it’s a sweeeeeet club house, and I would have gone with them if it wasn’t so dern cold!