Trip Report to come


:happy: highlights:happy:
Corn chowder
Best ever dinner seating

:frown: Low lights :frown:
Lost luggage
food poisoning
Lots of lackluster meals


Way to leave us hanging, Franco! :laugh:
Lookin’ forward to this TR, even with the :frown: low lights .


Oh boy, cannot wait to read :closedeye
What’s with the cliffhanger :confused:
Please write that report NOW :blush:

thank you kindly :biggrin:


Dopey…are you channeling the GREAT Franco!!!


More details please Franco…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: That’s just what I was thinking. Dopey, you’re so funny! Looking forward to your tr Franco. Hope you don’t keep us waiting to long.:happy:


Now what makes you
say that, rlander and
Loretta :blink:



Not sure Dopey
from Michigan:wub:
I’ll let you know
when I think of it.
I’m sure it will
come to me:mellow:


oy vay…where is he ALREADY. I should be studying for exams and I need a reason not too!


Good grief way to get my hopes up and leave me hanging. I need more!!!


Sounds like Franco had a different kind of time…


So first of all I was at the Grand Floridian at
3:50 until 4:35!:ohmy: I can’t believe that I
missed the Davids:crying: I took pictures of
the lobby just to give all the people that didn’t
show up a hard time.:laugh: You know something
like where is Waldo, is that one of the Davids in
the bird cage? or how about is that the other
David singing a solo after the piano lady had
finished up!:laugh: You will have to wait for the
pictures I need one of the boys to help me.:blush:
Well, on with the show.:happy: We had a great
time albiet with some problems. And I think our
vacations are a little bit different from most of
you folks. Starting with the tickets this time we
went with the seven day tickets from SOG for
da boys and just five day tickets for Helena and
myself. Leonardo being 17 and Danny 13 they are
WDW pros so all we need to do is give them tickets
money and they have thier phones. On the days of
parks we go to the same parks as they do, but we
are just chillin out, maybe rides, maybe not. So for
a nine day trip(I throw out the first and last days)
depending on what time we get in) So for those
four days Helena gets to rest and relax and I am
at her command:blush:
Transportation::eek: No problems going down but
still these airlines are a shame. We have been using
JetBlue for awhile and they are ok but thier on time
problems are a joke:ohmy: Coming home:eek: Aye
Carumba!!:ohmy: We get to MCO at the right time
drop off our car and are waiting for our boarding.
We board at 9:40 am every thing is ok, then the
captain comes on and says there is a problem but
don’t worry it will only take a few minutes:ohmy:
He then comes back on and says that they need to
fix the problem and that will take about an hour and
a half!:eek: He then comes on again saying we need
to deboard and they will make other plans to get us
home!!!:eek: :ohmy: :angry: :eek: :angry: Well, after
I ran over a bunch of old ladies:laugh: (Not really) I
was second in line to see whats up. Now mind you it
was supposed to be a lay over at NY ( yes I know,I
hate layovers/New York) but after I messed up our
dates a while back that was all there was:frown:
Well, what they offered was non-stop to Boston:happy:
I took it but we still needed to wait two plus hours
for that flight:crying: Well I hope you can see this
coming, they ask for our bag numbers:ohmy: and they
will pull them from the first plane:laugh: well we get
to Boston and only three of four bags have made it:eek:
So I go through the paper work and they will send it
to our home and I get a $30.00 comp for the mess up!
More to come…


Hope you get your bag soon!!!


did you get your bag yet?


Oh brother! I hate it when the travel day stinks.

I hope that was the worst part of the trip?

Oh wait a minute, you said something about food poisoning? I hope not too bad.

Come on finish this thing!!!



Hi Franco, I am looking forward to more of your report. :heart:


Yes, we got the bag back the next day:happy:
The weather was super nice warm but not to
warm, it was great for walking around:mellow:
The best ever seating was the Grand Floridian
Cafe:happy: :happy: Now we have had just about
all the great seatings at WDW, so this was really
a great surprise! And another plus was that da
boys wanted to go to Disney Quest:laugh: So,
as we were being led to our table I asked for a
window seat and we got it. It was the table right
in the bottom of the U shaped windows. Those
windows and there was lots of them were gleaming
clean and the view was maybe the best ever for
us. It could have been sometime in the 1890’s
people just walking about, it was very, very nice:happy:
Now on to the meal:ohmy: We started with the
soup of the day which was corn chowder this is
one of the best “food things” we have had at WDW.
it was rich with fresh corn,potatoes, red bell pepper,
celery in a not to thick base, excellent!!:heart: And
we also had the French Onion soup, loaded with
plenty of caramalized onions, a hearty stock and loads
of melted cheese. Yum:happy: And just for your
knowledge we also think that they have the best
diet coke in the “world” Yes I know, but it was very
cold and the carbonation was as good as we have had
it almost hurt it was so good:happy: :laugh: Ok, we
go on to the entree, Helena had the roasted chicken
and it was good but not warm enough:ohmy: (remember
that fact) and it was on the smallish side. And I had
the surf and turf, now the menu says that it is a strip
steak with lobster scampi. Sounds great huh? The
Scampis that I have had over the years is butter, garlic,
maybe some tomato paste for color. Well it came, a
again smallish strip steak which was very tasty and the
red potato mashed were good. But the lobster scampi
was merely three small pieces of what lobster I don’t
know. It was not maine lobster I don’t know if it was
rock lobster or the local version, but it was very bland.
I called our CM over to ask about it and it turns out that
this dish gets lots of question. No desserts, we were just
to full. All in all a nice surprise!:happy:
More to come


Mmm. Corn chowder!


Hmmmm…all your dishes sound very good. Well, except the cool chicken, I expect.

Anxiously awaiting more.


Keep it Coming!
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