Trip Report will be done soon


Been back a week but haven’t had the time to write our trip report. DW decided on thursday to check into the hospital with what looks like a case if C-diff. Be at the hospital ev ryday since and at night been doing wash and house cleaning. But hopefully she will be home this Friday and I’ll be able to start my trip report. Had a great time, weather was hot and really hot and humid on the 16th. 97 degress that day at Epcot and 104 heat index. But beside that day it was her weather. Will get to trip report s soon asap.


Great!!! can’t wait to hear all about it. I LOVE the warm weather. Not the awful humidity but the warm temps!!


I am so sorry to hear that your DW has been hospitalized. I hope that she is feeling better soon…that C-diff stuff is nasty!!! I’ll look forward to your report when you can.


Hope she feels better soon.


Oh my, has she had this before? Hope she is well soon.


I hope your wife is feeling better soon. We always love a trip report but can wait until you are able to do so!


Oh no! I hope you wife recovers very soon. Look forward to your TR but obviously getting her well is priority.


Hope your DW gets well soon.Sending Pixie Dust her way.We’ll wait patiently for your trip report.


She home now and doing alot better. She had it before about 3 1/2 yrs ago but we caught it in time. It was from dehydration and the medicine nexium that touched this session off. Thank you all for caring. I will start the trip report tomorrow and hope to get it all done by sunday. The camera that we we using we left at our daughter for her to look at. So this trip report there is no pictures sorry. Once I get the camera back I put them up for all to see.