Trip report


just got back form a great 4 day trip to DLR,world of color is spectacular and very well done,the JULY 4th fireworks were good also,fantasmic is as good as ever and kind of leaning toward liking the fantasmic at DLR slightly better than WDW…the weather was OK albeit unseasonably cool for this time of year out here on the west coast,…one strange thing to report is when leaving DCA and enetering the Grand californian to have a pleasant dinner at the hotel,we did not observe any signs stating that reentry at this point wasnot allowed,after dinner we kind of rudely were told that unless you have a room key for the hotel you must enter at the main gate ,I had read on the blog that was going to be the case early in the AM but not all day,asked a couple of people while I was there and was told that many errors in the policy had been occuring,one was if you ate in the hotel you would be aloowed to re-enter as also some other possibilities,we were rudely told youcannot get in this way …great way to treat a person who just spent a few hundred on dinner…but I digress the trip was great,we stayed athe hyatt,that was great,and if you can imagine this… made the plans 2 days in advance and paid 86 a night and got free breakfast buffet on top of that,and disney was just as great as ever …also went to the aulani event …had a great time ,but aualni does not appeal to us ,because even though we might go to hawaii,I would not want it to be a home resort…will add points but those will be AT WDW…also the new cars land is coming into shape,auriel underseaa adventure is coming to completion fast …not much to say about glo fest …did stay long enough to make a judgement …


Sorry about the mix-up, but glad you had a great trip.


Thanks for the tr sorry bout the hotel thing. I hope to do dlr one year


as when fantasmic first opened they had some crowd movement issues,they eventually worked out the kinks,i am sure that with world of color that will eventually work itself out,but the trip was great,for us it is always easy to get that disney fix,it is only an hour plus up the road…